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HARRIET VAN DE KAMP, 19 // model: Chrishell Stubbs or Chanel Iman.
Personality: funny, charismatic, bubbly, kind, man eater, wild. 
Bio: One of the new girls, she's ready to rock the club. She's a bubbly, funny and really charismatic girl, she has a lot of friends and every body, absolutely everyone loves her, if you don't, then you have a problem. She doesn't likes either drama or gossips, but yet, her little defect it's hard to ignore: she has a little obsession with older and married man, specially rich ones. With her face of innocent little girl, she attracts them into her and then she's the other girl, the lover, and as a consequence, she has destroyed more than one family, and her new man is a total secret, the only thing that the mysterious is known for it's because his the father of a girl in the club. Who is it? Nobody knows it... yet.
Taken by: OPEN.

"Oh my gosh!" I say, breathing heavily and falling back on the soft, king sized bed. The three hundred thread count, Egyptian sheets wrapping around our hot and naked bodies. "You're amazing," I say, leaning my face on my hand and turning towards him. 

"That's what they all say," He says, looking back at me.
For a father, he doesn't look half bad. Barely a wrinkle on his skin, his eyes still glowing with youthfulness, but he was amazing in bed. 

There was something so thrilling about being with an older man. For starters, he was much more experience, unlike younger boys that I've hooked up with. Secondly, he knew that this "relationship" was nothing serious. I'd had serious relationships with older men, and I'd learned my lesson. I was known as the home wrecker from then on, but time, I wasn't letting it go too far. Since, well, he's the father of one of my closest friends. 

"We can't keep doing this, you know," I say sexily, letting my voice draw out as I stare into his eyes. 

He sighs, wrapping an arm around my skinny body and saying nothing, "Someone's going to catch us," I say and he shrugs. 

"This isn't anything serious…" He says, the words I was exactly hoping for, the words I craved to know that to him, this wasn't anything big. "Just… my wife's bad in bed and you needed something a little more…" He says and I nod. 

"Your daughter is one of my best friends…" I say, looking at him, "What happens if she catches us?" I ask him, letting my voice wrap around him like velvet. 

"She won't," He whispers lowly, moving closer to me and kissing me passionately on my lips. 
I kiss back, of course, without even having to think about it. It comes naturally after awhile. 

I finally pull out of the kiss, catching my breath and looking at him. I wink, giggling and ruffling his hair before finally glancing over at the digital clock, it's glowing green letters read one o'clock exactly. 

"Sh-t!" I say, hopping out of bed and getting my clothes on. He raises an eyebrow, obviously confused, "Meeting with the girls," I explain, rolling my eyes as I clasp my bra and slip on my lacy, hot pink panties on. My t-shirt falls over my head, my size 0 shorts going up my waist and falling into place. I fix my hair in the mirror, sighing. I had my makeup bag with me, I guess I could do it in the car. 

I slip a foot into a tan coloured heel and sling my popping pink, Lanvin bag across my body. "I'll see you later," I say, leaning over the bed and giving him a kiss, a quick peck on the lips, but still gives me the butterflies and satisfaction I crave. 

"Tonight?" He asks and I nod, reaching for the door. 

I wink at him, "Tonight," i confirm as I pull the door open, slipping out and blowing a final kiss… for now, at least. 

I walk out of the house, my heels clacking on the gorgeous hardwood floors. The house is gorgeous. I mean, he's one of the richest, here in Cancun. With bright painted walls, the best paintings hanging on the walls, large Roman-like columns holding up the high ceilings. 
I'd always enjoyed coming here- whether it was for just meeting or having a sleepover with the girls, or if it was to hook up with him, I always had a perfect pleasant time. 

I slip out of the house, closing the door shut behind me and hopping into my brand new car, the silver Porsche glistening in the sunlight. I get into the driver's seat, opening the glove compartment and taking out my makeup bag. It's filled with everything that I need, it's essential to have it in the car. Some may call me crazy, but if I showed up meeting with the girls like this, they'd knock me out of the club faster than ever. 

I look in the mirror, I don't look that bad, I think to myself. I'm naturally gorgeous, I guess you could say. I won the genetic lottery with my high cheekbones and glistening dark skin, with a perfect little body with just the right curve, and dark black-brown hair that's glossy and falls down my back in just the right way. 
I take out my Nars bronzer, brushing it across my cheekbones and then taking out my Benefit mascara, coating my naturally long lashes with it. I run a brush through my straight tresses and look in the mirror. Perfection, I think with a smile. But just one more thing… I think as I take out a sparkly pink lipgloss. I apply it to my lips, smacking my lips and blowing a kiss to myself. 
Now, I'm ready. 

My car takes me out of the rich development of town, and I start to cruise towards the beach. There's this perfect little cafe we always like to go to. It's out go-to spot for gossiping and discussing the latest. It's our style too, with lush little palm trees surrounding it, organic berry salads and the cutest waiters, it's definitely our scene.

Sure, I was one of the new girls of the bunch, but they loved me nonetheless, I was fun, the wild bubbly one that was always ready for something new. They certainly valued me as a member of the group, but, maybe not all of them loved me, that was the thing with me- you either loved me or hated me. 
But I didn't care. I'm me, and I'm not gonna change that. No matter how many fights I get into with middle-aged woman who claim I've 'stolen their husband'. 

I finally reach the little cafe. I park it, putting the keys into my bag and checking my reflection in the mirror. I dust the tiniest bit of a coral-pink blush on my cheeks. Perfect. 

I get out of the car, one perfect strappy pump in front of the other, strutting into the restaurant. My walk is high energy, it's confident and it's probably why some guys just drool over me. I smile, waving as I see the girls sitting at our usual table, it's a circular table, the top covered in the most expensive marble, but it's also set right in the middle of the restaurant, the sun gleaming through the windows and casting a glow on us, all eyes on the sparkling group of girls. 
That's why we love it. 

"You're late," Analeigh says, in a bit of a sing song voice, her Spanish accent somehow managing to stay sexy. 

"I know," I sing song back, setting my new Lanvin under my chair. I smile at the girls, "Sorry," I say to them. 

"So, which older man are you banging now?" Analeigh asks, raising a perfectly plucked brow. 

I open my mouth in mock surprise, "Since when does there always have to be a guy involved?" I say. 

"Uh, with you, it's /always/ a guy!" Kendall says with a small giggle. 

I shrug, "Not this time," I lie. "No guy." 

They all raise their eyebrows, almost in surprise, but also questioning me. 
"Oh shut up!" I say with a laugh, my face breaking into a bright smile. 

"Now, waiter, can we get some margaritas over here?" I call as a hot waiter passes by.
1.- Do you think that the club is good enough? 
- Of course I think it's good enough! Analeigh created it and well, it's filled with fabulous and gorgeous girls, so, why wouldn't it be good enough?

2.- What about the people in there, do you like them?
- I like them, they're cool, they're individuals. They all have a different personality, a different story, something always different about them. 
3.- Why do you think you should be on the roleplay?
- I think I should be in this role-play, because I am always active, it's a great idea too. Cancun sounds beautiful, and it's such an original idea, I'm sure that there can always be some drama and it'll definitely be a fun roleplay to be apart of.

4.- Why do you auditioned for your character? What do you like about her?
- I auditioned for her because I fell in love with Harriet. I love her name, I love her bio and her personality, and when I saw that Chanel Iman was the model, I fell in love even more! I love the fact that she has this secret relationship with one of the girl's fathers, and I'm sure it can definitely be good for collabs and drama when we feel like it.

5.- Do you promise to stay active for the rest of the life of this RP?
- I promise to stay active for the rest of this roleplay.
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