- Pocketful of Sunshine

Grace Milton; October 3
Collab with @martasmiling 

"For God's sake, someone helps me!" the scream emanated from Cloe’s room and I couldn’t help popping my head into her room. I was pretty sure she was just being melodramatic but better safe that sorry.

"I'm here, Cloe!” I said, noticing in relief nothing seemed wrong “What’s scaring you?" I asked, "Homework? Mess? A Spider?" I shuddered at the thought, "tell me that it's not a spider". I hated spiders

"Worse, I dunno if I should sell my first pair of jeans", She replied, turning towards me, pair of bell-bottoms held between her hands "I know that they didn't fit me anymore, but they became my lucky charm" She actually looked genuinely conflicted

“Oh that’s much worse than a spider.” I nodded my head solemnly, “The age old question, a matter of life and death.” I added making my way deeper into her room.

“That’s not helping.” She pouted.

“I dunno if I can help you.” I shrugged, moving to sit on her bed which was littered with old junk, “I’m not much for a believer in good luck charms.”

“So you think I should sell them?” She asked head-cocked.

“If they don’t fit you their just a relic of the past.” I told her honestly, not entirely sure if we were talking about her jeans or if this was a metaphor for her relationship woes.

She started at them for a little bit longer before saying, "they'll bring lucky to someone else" confidently, throwing them onto the floor with a pile of other presumably discarded clothes "Good all my wardrobe has been checked, now the most difficult part" She said turning towards me with a dramatic flare,”the bookcase"

“How bout you just sell all of them?” I asked with a cheeky grin, “I mean all the girls I live with read and it’s just not something that I’m alright with.”

“No. How dare you.” She looked scandalised. I mean I’m assuming she was mocking me but I knew how Ally got about books so you never knew.

“I’m just saying why have books when you have me,” I span around in a little circle to prove my point, “24 hours a day 7 days a week?”

"Oh" She said looked surprised, "I got it. So in your opinion I have to sell all my old books and classics-"

 "Especially the classics" I cut in with a grin. Joking though, totally joking please don’t kill me Ally.

"Ok especially the classics because I could count on your big knowledge of books?" She asked. I just nodded because even if I hadn’t read most of the classics I could give you a plot summary, character analysis and tell you of the contextual relevance. The internet was a cool place okay? “Okay, I can do it" She smiled, and oops totally not my intention "Everything, except form Harry Potter. The holy Harry Potter”

“Ehh, I’m more of a twilight girl myself.” I said, trying to keep my face straight which let me tell you was a struggle, “Just the masterful writing and the eternal love story, it’s like so romantic I might swoon,” I fanned myself with my hand. Looking over at Cloe, and the incredulous look on her face however was her undoing and I feel against the wall in hysterical laughter.

"This is so heavy" She said as she lifted up some more books,”Mmh 'David Copperfield' I won't miss you" She said, placing them all in a box. Not even going to ask what she was doing with a David Copperfield book "i think books should stay in a collective bookcase, I mean, when you'd already read them they're useless. I think that they get tired too" She turned towards me “"I know, it's really weird what I say. Don't judge me"

“Oh yes,” I nodded solemnly “I’m most defiantly judging you. Because I have a leg to stand on when it comes to saying weird things.”

She made a chopping motion with her hands before giggling, “That’s right. You have no legs to stand on.”

“Hey,” I scowled pointing a finger at her, “Just for that I’m not going to help you with your books. I’ll just continue to stand here looking pretty.”

“There’s one problem with that,” Cloe said with a cheeky grin.

“Oh gosh,” I said dryly, “Are you going to be highly original and say that I’m not pretty or something?” That conversation had be had a million times between these girls before. Trust me.

"Why should I say it?" She shrugged "I'm not in this kind of things and plus you're pretty". 

"If I'm pretty you're blonde" I told her with a cheeky grin. Cloe blonde, there was a funny picture. Or me with red hair. We should swap

"Hey," She pointed my finger at me "I'm not lying-"  

"Oh look" I cut her off, noticing this little Minnie mouse plushie thing on the flor, "she is so cute!" I cooed, picking it up

"I can't sell it" She said, stepping towards me "It's Shao house".   

“What?” I cocked my head with a questioning look

"Yes Shao, my rabbit. He always sleep on her" She smiled widely. How did I not know she had a rabbit? It was my self assigned job to know everything. I should pick up my game

“Aww that is way to precious.” I squealed, suddenly struck with the urge to pinch her cheeks or something. I’m sure she was glad I didn’t though.

“I don’t sleep on it.” She pointed out all dead pan like, “My Rabbit does.” Like I hadn’t understood that.

“I still think it’s cute.” I said, absent-mindedly chucking the plushie between my hands, “I think its cute you even have a rabbit.” I said before realising that might be condescending and hastily adding, “not trying to be patronising it really is cute.” I grinned widely 

"Don't worry,” She said before offering with a big smile “do you want to see him?" 

"Oh yes please!" I smiled in return. Baby animals were cutie pants.

“Ok, he should be in the box. With all this messy in this day I confine him there" She made her way towards the bed

"Poor rabbit!" I muttered. Being cooped up all day would not be fun, even if you were a small little rabbit

"Oh no don't worry, he's happy to be safe in his own place without anything that can scare him", She opened the box and took what I was assuming was her rabbit between her hands "and believe me, he's not that brave" she said, petting him as she headed back to me, holding the rabbit carefully between her hands "Shao this is Grace"

“Ohhhh he’s so cute.” I cooed in a whisper, looking at his cute little head poking out from Cloe’s hands, “I will not scream though.”

“You don’t have to whisper Grace.” Cloe told me, smiling in amusement as I was transfixed by the cute little guy.

“But if I talk loudly I could burst his eardrums and kill him or something.” I looked at her with wide eyes. Hopefully she could tell I was kidding though.

"Oh yes, he'll start bleeding form his ears" she deadpanned.

I stared at her appraisingly before speaking "You're lying!" I said matter of factly unable to hide my amusement “Halloween is still to far to come"
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