sun / two door cinema club (read descrip)

hello! so I did something different with my collection making; there aren't 200 items per usual which is weird for me because I always go to the max item amount, but I wanted to try something. I basically put sun by two door cinema club on repeat, and spent a few songs on clothing, a few songs on shoes, and a bunch of song repeats on pictures. I just looked up words (under pictures) that were in the song, and for the clothes and shoes, I just put in the shoes and clothes that, for me, reflected the song?? the clothing and shoes came out very nautical and sun colors, very summery, but idk.
if you liked this, please comment if you did, I might do it again! idk...also I would love song suggestiong? I think I'm doing partition/yonce by bey so idk. anyways! here ya go!


Wrote one year ago
this is such a cool idea and the collect came out really well!

Wrote one year ago
This is a really cool idea and a lovely collection!

Wrote one year ago
turned out really cool, what a great idea ♥

Wrote one year ago
Love the collection! Gives me a little inspo if you don't mind me copying you (with credit saying it was your idea of course!) ❤️

Wrote one year ago
such a cool idea! love this collection xx

Wrote one year ago
Love it! The clothes totally match the song :D


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