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I lifted my arms above my head before bending down and touching my toes with them, continuing to stretch. Part of me was doing it to genuinely stretch, but for the most part I was just hoping to distract Colin into forgetting about dinner with my parents. I'd been successful twice already, and I didn't think it'd kill me to try for a third time. I moved to the ground, pushing my a.ss up, not even really sure what I was stretching at this point, just that Colin's eyes were on my a.ss right now and he definitely seemed to be enjoying his view.
"Do you think you could spot me real quick?" I asked, tossing my head over my shoulder and looking towards him. 
He cocked his head to the side, lifting a brow before his eyes blatantly dropped to my a.ss. "I see what you're doing here," He said, a sexy smirk on his lips, running his fingertips down my spine before slapping my a.ss firmly. Ugh, he was so sexy.
"Colin!" I exclaimed, moving to sit down on the floor before shooting him an innocent look and playing dumb as I smiled, bringing my legs up under my body. "What am I doing?"
"Distracting me," He said seriously, and it was clearly working as his eyes landed on my breasts which were currently braless.
"How?" I asked, leaning forward and purposely pushing my boobs together.
He grinned slowly, shaking his head. "We're not canceling again."
"I don't know what you're talking about." I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly, still pretending like I was clueless.
"No?" He smirked, watching me as I streched each of my arms across my chest.
I bit my lip, glancing towards him once again. "Nope... Do you want to join me in the shower before dinner?" I asked, completely serious about that request. Even if we did have to go to dinner, it wouldn't be terrible to shower together before, right?" 
He got down on both knees, hovering his body over mine as I laid down on my back. His hand slid up my thigh, along my hips, and stopping to cup my breast as I drew in a breath before he lowered his head to kiss me hard. God, he was so amazing. "No shower," He said in a hushed tone, pushing up the bottom of my shirt to take my breast in his mouth, sucking on my hard nipple.
"No dinner?" I retorted, lifting my hips up to meet his and moaning as he captured the nipple between his teeth, giving it a tug that just made me moan louder. If he really didn't plan on f.cking me, then he was going to have to deal with a very sexually frustrated girlfriend during dinner. And I'd definitely be teasing him all night long.
His hand moved back down between my thighs, pressing them against the ground before rubbing my p.ssy through the workout shorts I was wearing. "Dinner still," He answered, groaning himself as his fingers found their way into my shorts, feeling how wet for him I was.
"Please baby," I whispered, giving him a look that always broke him. Honestly, I didn't even care about skipping dinner now as much as I did just f.cking him.
"Please what?" He asked, pulling his hand from my shorts and toying with the waist band, seeming to play with the idea of taking them off before someone knocked on the door. "It's probably just room service," I said quickly, my voice breathy as I started to want him so badly. He propped himself up on both elbows, a gorgeous grin on his face as he looked at me. "We're busy. Come back in an hour."
"Avia?" A voice that I recognized instantly called back, completely throwing me off.
"Oh my god," I said instantly. What was my mom doing here already?! "Colin, you have to answer the door. I need to get dressed. Oh my god," I rushed out, making sure to be quiet as I slipped out from under him, not even thinking about sex anymore as I tried to find something appropriate to wear. I didn't know what it was, but something about my family meeting Colin freaked me out so much and I felt like everything needed to be perfect. They both just meant so much to me and I couldn't imagine what would happen if neither of them liked each other. Most importantly, I needed my brother to like Colin and something told me that wouldn't happen.
"Wait... Av-" Colin began, but I rushed into the bathroom, closing the door behind me and locking it. I quickly began getting dressed, listening as Colin answered the door though I couldn't hear anything they were saying. F.ck, what if it wasn't just my mom or even just my parents but my brother and his wife too?! Why were they so early? And why did my hair and makeup look so bad? I changed as fast as I could before pulling my hair into a bun and putting on some eyeliner, knowing that my mom would probably still not approve of my appearance.
Before I got out of the bathroom I pressed my ear against the door, trying to hear what any of them were saying and who exactly was there, but coming up with nothing on both ends. I took a deep breath, preparing myself for what I couldn't help but think was a night that was going to go terribly wrong for some reason or another. I headed out of the bathroom, running my hand over a wrinkle in my dress that was probably due to the fact that I had picked it up off the closet floor in my room. I walked into the living room where sure enough, my entire family was sitting, super b.tch sister-in-law looking as perfect as always included. "Sorry, I had to change... how are you guys?" I asked, putting on my fakest smile as my eyes tried to assess the situation. I moved towards the couch opposite from everyone else where Colin was sitting alone, taking a seat beside him. "I thought we had agreed to dinner at seven... it's only six now."
My mom laughed. "Seven? Avia, I told you from the start that it was six. I even called you today to remind you. I left a voicemail honey." I didn't remember it originally being at six, but she had called me today and I had ignored the call, trying to not think about the impending dinner. Now I guess it would have benefited me to pick up.
"Oh, sorry," I just murmured, feeling the awkwardness hanging in the air. "So I guess you guys have already been introduced to Colin?" I asked, glancing towards my brother who was just looking down at his phone, Kate practically sitting on top of him she was so close and her t.ts nearly pouring out of her dress. For christs sake, this was a family dinner.. was that really necessary? 
"Yes, he answered the door for us. But I remembered him perfectly from the first time you introduced us," My mom said, smiling as she referred to the awkward first meeting my parents and Colin had. 
I wondered for a second why my mom was the only one talking but finally my brother said something. "So you're from DC too, Av said?"
"I am," He answered simply, nodding as his hand slipped into mine, caressing it with my thumb, making me wonder if it was clear that I was nervous. "Born and raised."
"Nice," My brother spoke, smiling slightly before going back to whatever he was doing on his phone. I sighed inwardly as I tensed up, frustrated that my brother didn't seem to have any interest in getting to know Colin. I mean, I had at least tried at first with Kate before deciding I hated her and I had told him how much Colin meant to me. 
Colin turned to me and smiled, leaning in to press a kiss against my forehead and I tried to relax, knowing he was trying.
"So dinner?" Kate broke the silence. "Are we canceling or..."
My my mom stood up, looking around the hotel room and showing her disapproval with the place, which I didn't necessarily love either. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't like Colin or I were loaded with cash and I didn't think Colin would have been comfortable if my parents had paid for some of the place, which I'm sure they would have been willing to do. "Dinner sound lovely," She said, a forced smile tight on her lips. "Is everyone ready? Nolan, dear, please put your phone away."
"Sorry. Business," He answered with a sheepish grin, shoving the phone into his jacket pocket. "How's school? You aren't still seeing Mark around, are you?"
I parted my lips, feeling Colin's eyes on me as I tensed up again. I knew my brother probably had the best intentions in asking, but did he have to bring up the one uncomfortable part in Colin and I's relationship? Because even know, months after it has happened, we still didn't agree on what I should have done about it. What Colin didn't get though was that it wasn't up to him what happened. 
"Mark goes to your school?" Kate quirked a brow. 
"Mark and Nolan used to be friends in high school," My mom informed Colin, and I just stayed silent, not having anything to really say. 
Instead I stood up, loosening the grip I had on Colin's hand. "We should get going. We must have already missed our reservations."
"Surely there's a restaurant downstairs." My dad shrugged, never really caring about much, whereas my mother needed everything to be a perfect plan. Honestly, I was more like my mom.
"Here, Michael?" My mom glanced to my dad, her nose wrinkling in disgust. I knew that I was lucky to have grown up so privileged and wealthy, but sometimes it was frustrating that my mom needed to have the best with everything. Sure, the restaurant we were supposed to go to was probably much better, but wasn't who you were with more important than where you were?
"Colin and I have been there before, it's not bad."
"Then that sounds like a plan," My dad said, getting up and already starting to the door, deciding the plans for everyone. Everyone followed behind him wordlessly out towards the elevator, Colin's hand tightening around mine.
I looked towards him and smiled as my dad pressed the elevator button. "I love you," I murmured, leaning in and pressing a light kiss against his lips, my brother watching us from the corner of my eye. I pulled back and looked to him, where he was now saying something into Kate's ear. "Have you been busy with work Nolan?"
He looked back towards me and shrugged. "You could say that. I just have a difficult client who's taking up a lot of my time."
"I told you I'd take the case for you if you wanted me to," My dad called from the elevator as we followed him and my mom inside of it. 
I silently pressed the tenth floor button, which was where the restaurant was located. "Maybe you should give your dad the case... we could go away for a week or something and just take a break. It's been so long since we've gone away somewhere," Kate said, tugging on Nolan's arm as if he was her dad who she was begging to get some toy from or something. Ugh.
"I want the case."
I sighed out loud, regretting bringing up the topic of work and thankful that we were now at the restaurant. My mom went up to the hostess, telling her how many of us there were and then actually pointing out a certain place where she wanted to sit, practically bickering with the hostess when she protested that she didn't think it was possible. My mom got her way though, and we were lead to the private table my mom wanted, my dad and brother taking seats at both of the heads of the table, Colin and I sitting beside each other. "What are you studying again, Colin? I know Avia told me, but it slipped my mind," My mom said after ordering a bottle of pinot noir for the table.
"Child development," He said and I prayed to god he didn't notice my mom cringe.
"What do you plan on doing with that?" She asked, widening her eyes and blinking at him as if she just didn't understand. 
I leaned my body into Colin's, smiling up at him and hoping that he wouldn't be offended. "Colin wants to teach. He mentors children... he's really great with kids actually."
Colin grinned "Thanks baby," He said, pressing a quick kiss against my lips. 
"Teaching?" My mom interrupted, setting her napkin over her lap, her eyes still locked on his, not letting up her questioning. And I thought my mom would be the easy one. "Have you put any thought into becoming a professor? Nolan went to Harvard and I'm sure that we could-"
"He wants to teach kids, mother," I cut in before she could offer him her charity. Maybe she had good intentions but that was totally not the way it was coming off.
Colin nodded. "I've considered teaching anthro, but it would all be text book and boring."
Someone at the table snorted as my dad cut in. "Avia is majoring in anthropology, is there something wrong with that?" He asked as I gave Colin's hand a reassuring squeeze, hoping that my family wasn't offending him once again.
"No." He shook his head. "I've taken the course. I TA in it and that's how I met your daughter," He added with a smile. "I want to teach history. It fascinates me."
I grinned up at my gorgeous boyfriend. "And I'm sure you'll be amazing at it." 
The waiter came at this time, pouring the wine into everyone's glasses except for Kate, who denied it. She set the bottle on the table before asking for everyone's orders, going around the table person by person as I took a generous sip of wine. 
When she left, my mom turned to Colin. "Well it's very nice to hear that you have a passion for something," My mom said, smiling graciously and seeming to put an end to the conversation as everyone fell silent.
I bit down on my lip, trying to figure out how this was going so wrong. When I looked at Colin, I couldn't find a single flaw, yet nearly the entire time it seemed that my whole family was focusing on every single thing they didn't like about him. I wanted to say that it didn't make sense to me but in reality the night had just turned out exactly how I thought it would. Colin came from a completely different world than my family, of course they wouldn't mix. But I wasn't giving up.
I looked up from where I had zoned out, thinking about what had transpired so far, and saw that my mom and Kate were talking about something and my dad and Colin seemed to be talking about sports teams. Well, at least they were talking at all I guess.
I took the chance to lean towards my brother, keeping my voice low so Colin beside me wouldn't overhear, "Happy to see you're putting in an effort." 
A sigh escaped his lips and he looked up at me with a tired expression as he tucked his phone back into his jacket pocket. "I'm sorry Av, I'm stressed about this client and I'm letting it get to me when I shouldn't." 
The frown that was on my face dropped and now I just felt bad for ragging on him. "Oh, I'm sorry. But you're amazing at what you do, you have no reason to stress. And I want you to get to know Colin. I told you how important he is to me." 
A small smile formed on his lips. "I won't touch my phone for the rest of dinner, promise." I smiled back, happy now as my brother leaned forward, listening to my dad and boyfriend talk about the redskins. "Hey, maybe if you come back with Av sometime we can catch a game," Nolan jumped into the conversation, making the smile on my face widen even more. 
Colin looked towards my brother. "Yeah? That'd be cool."
"Are girls allowed?" I smirked, looking up at him.
"Since when do you like football?" He nudged me, grinning. 
I wrinkled my nose at him. "Since my boyfriend changed my mind on the sport... I bet he'd look really hot in his old uniform too," I said, the picture of him coming up in my mind. I bet he'd look so sexy... ugh.
Nolan cleared his throat. "Av used to play with me as a kid. There was nothing girly about her. She even threw punches harder than any guy I knew."
"That's not true." I laughed, shaking my head. I did used to be pretty tough though, but I'm pretty sure I'd never punched a single person/
"Remind me to never piss you off." Colin smirked, looking so gorgeous that I had to lean in and press a kiss against his lips softly.
"You haven't." I grinned. "Yet."
He smiled at me. "I hate seeing you mad," He said seriously as I looked into his gorgeous eyes and thought about what had happened between us with Mark. It wasn't an easy time by any means, but when it came down to it he had been there for me the whole time and there was no way that he had pissed me off. 
"You two are worse than me and Kate." Nolan laughed.
"It's Colin," I smirked up at my boyfriend from the corner of my eye. "He's a total sap." 
He grinned, shrugging. "Guilty."
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