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born in New Zealand, the middle child of 5, Sundai started her modeling career young, doing ads for commercials and magazines. But when she turned 15-and told modeling agents she was 17-she moved to New York to pursue a real modeling career. She was on the top of the world for two years. But her partying was tangled with her career. The paparazzi caught her making out with her modeling agent’s male intern while they were both high and wasted at one of her fellow models’ party. After the incident, she was fired from her agency. She had to start from rock bottom. She decided to go hippie, start a new life, still with her New Zealand accent in tow. She decided to pursue a musical career, but her partying and drug-use didn’t come to an end. So her manager sent her here to get better. Will she?
suggested model//candice swanepoel 
portrayed by// you taste like glitter {?}

“Okay now you’re just being melodramatic, there’s no way it’ll be that bad,” my older brother laughed. I was squished into the front of his car as he drove me over to where I was sent off faster than the speed of light. 

“I swear to God, I’ll escape,” I threatened and threw my arms up into the air. “I will use a nail filer and file my way out.”

He just laughed at my threat and shook his head. “And mess up your manicure? Yeah, I don’t think so S.” He was all too true, he did know me too well but I guess that is what happens when you’re related. “Come on, Sun, just stick through it. Let’s face it after your last stint; you don’t have too many other options.”

Sadly he was referring to my music career put to an end due to my partying and drug use. For the rest of the ride I remained silent with my arms folded over my chest. I would teach him and my manager that I could control myself. When he pulled up in front of the building, I let out a sigh and stared at the building before hopping out of the car. He helped me unload the car and gave me a quick hug. As I watched him drive off into the horizon, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

“Are you ready for-,” an overly peppy worker asked me with one of the cheesiest smiles I had ever seen. 

I nodded and walked into the building. With any luck I’d be out fast enough that I could catch the season finale of Project Runway (my new obsession) but as I thought about all the parties and Absolut Vodka I’d be missing, I realized that that was going to be a LONG ways away. 

xox, Sundai 

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{Sorry for suck a crappy story I was literally uninspired}
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