Silver Linings Playbook.

I am sorry it took me so long to watch you, but I am glad I did. (Vaguely remember a moment last year where @rosesred recommended the book, which I am going to pick up right after this review yes mdm)

It took me a while to ease into the movie, but it's lovely. 

Pat was someone easy to sympathise with, but what I loved the most was how Pat and Tiffany were able to mend and help each other. The concept of finding rehabilitation in someone is not something I have experienced, but yet it's something that as a viewer, I yearn for the characters to do as I feel that it is good.

I especially loved the last part. When they got 5 points in the dance.

I actually jumped up from my seat and did a happy scream. 

Because the movie had me so emotionally attached that I just had to. 

The movie did have touch-y topics (a reason why I was hesitant to read the book but now nope) but it did really show that it is possible to find the silver linings in situations. It's probably different for everyone, but it exists. It seems hard to do, but stay positive. This set is for @rosesred, cheer up my cheese bud. :)
Now off to read the book. Cause it's probably going to be better than the movie.

**Sweater from @insanejungle.
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