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this layout is sort of a mix between mine and @little-miss-rae's. I was kind if experimenting and ended up with this.

Training Week has officially begun! While each faction's requirements for training week may vary, it's definitely unanimous that these next two weeks will be the toughest yet. How have you coped so far with your faction's training? We hear the faction-born initiates may be a little bit intimidating...

ugh......this is super late. I am so terribly sorry. my work has decided I need café training and it's completely drained my brain. memorizing all those drinks is harder than I thought.

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I woke up in a cold sweat this morning. My clothes were completely drenched and wisps of my hair had escaped my hair tie and were now stuck to my neck.

It was the same dream as before. It was always the same dream. It hadn't varied much since I switched factions and moved to Dauntless a week ago. I was still in the same dark room, the same two people were standing over me, and the same feeling of fear came over me before I realized that it was just a dream.

I sat up in my bunk and looked around. All the other initiates were asleep, or as close to sleep as I could tell, and the glowing clock on the wall told me that it was just after four in the morning. Great. Just what I needed before training.

I slowly slipped off of my bed and out the door to get to the bathroom. The halls were completely deserted. It was very odd to see the place like this. 

When I got to the bathroom I stopped at a sink and looked into the mirror hanging over it. There were dark circles under my eyes that seemed to never leave, my hair was completely out of control and there was a red mark across my neck. Huh...that was a new one.

I splashed water on my face for a few minutes to calm down from my dream. I don't know what was wrong with me. I was here now. I had gotten out of my 'prison' as my brother referred to it. I was away from him.

Why was I still so jumpy every night? Was it my self conscious telling me I had made a big mistake. That maybe I was safer back home, under the watchful eye of my family and my so-called-boyfriend.


After a very long shower I finally made my way back to the dormitories. By the time I got out there were already people on their way to the cafeteria or work. I stopped behind a pillar to let a few people pass before I went back into the dorms.

My fellow initiates were just waking up when I got back. I went to my bunk, put my things back in my drawer, and sat down on my bed.

"What were you off doing? Does it involve a boy?" Claudy asked as she peaked her head around her bunk.

"No, definitely not a boy. I just woke up early so I took an extra long shower," I told her. 

"Well darn, I was hoping for a little dirt," she replied sadly before grabbing her own shower things and stalking off.

"Don't mind her, she gets a bit gossipy in stressful situations," A voice said from above me. Hailey was sitting on her bunk, next to mine but the top one, and she had her legs hanging off the side.

"I don't mind. Whatever gets us through the day right?" I said. It was a bit difficult getting along with these Amity girls. They were always very talkative.

"Exactly," Hailed beamed before jumping to the floor and heading off after her friend.


After my attempt at some girl talk I went to the cafeteria. I've had trouble keeping food down for awhile but it seems there's one thing my body likes: the Dauntless cake. If it wasn't for the fact that I hardly ate anything else and was currently being trained to the death I would quickly gain a hundred pounds.

I got a single piece, I was taking it easy for breakfast, and went to find an empty table to eat at. It was easy since it was a bit early in the day but it was still difficult choosing just where to sit.

I finally chose a table close enough to the dauntless-born initiates to appear like one of them but far enough away to not draw attention to myself. 

I ate my cake in silence, carefully keeping an eye on my surroundings. If someone looked as if they were about to join me I gave them a weird look and they turned the other way. It was kind of funny, seeing all these tough people cowering over a girl with mood issues.

I was almost done with my food when a tray landed across the table from me. It was a guy I hadn't seen around yet. He looked a bit older than me but not too old. I would guess twenties.

His hair was a coppery-brown color and he had a bit of a scruff on his face that suited him quite well. His blue eyes bore into mine as we glared at each other from across the table.

I honestly didn't know what I was doing. He probably had authority over me. He had definitely been here longer than I had. If I knew what was good for me I would pick up my tray, stand up, and walk out of here without a word. Obviously I was out of my mind.

"Hey," I whispered. By the look on his face I wasn't exactly sure he had heard me. 

"Whatcha doing over here Sam? We saved you a seat with us," a loud voice said. 

I broke away from the guy's {Sam's?} eyes to see who it was. Great. It was Ana, my trainer. She had her usual attire of black on but you could see the blue of her t-shirt under her black jacket. She was from Erudite like me.

"Just felt like eating over here. It's my usual table after all," he answered as he looked back at me with a smile on his face.

"Well that's alri- oh," she started as she looked over at me. She stopped mid-sentence the second she recognized me. "Hello Princess."

I sunk back into my chair, trying to be avoided, and I could practically taste the blush that was rising on my cheeks.

"Does everybody here call me 'Princess'?" I asked my trainer. If so, I was going to need some serious cred-raising soon or I would get run out of the program.

"Nah, just the trainers. It's sort of a ritual you know. We pick on the initiates by giving them embarrassing nicknames."

"Okay then," as I did what I should have done a long time ago and leave. I could feel their eyes on me as I walked though the doors.

I passed Claudy and Hailey on my way out and judging on the amazed looks on their faces that just saw everything. I just shook my head, choosing to forget what had just happened, and went to the training room. I needed to shoot something.

{{not much action in this one. it's more of a filler set, and we get a quick into to Sam. He'll be introduced properly in a couple of sets.}}
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