-jamarkus "jj" brown. 
-seventeen years old.
-likes: v-neck shirts, necklaces, sunglasses, being photographed, rapping, being on stage, vans, skinny jeans, sports team jerseys.
-dislikes: not getting paid, being known as a woman hitter because he hit his ex once, jail, police officers .
-bio: jj brown is unlike anyone else in kitty hawk. he looks different, acts different, and has a far different back story than anyone else. after growing up in an abusive household, jj thought that by hurting the ones closest to you- you were showing authority. but after hitting his ex girlfriend once, he paid the price. he did some community service and got off with a warning, but vowed he'd never do it again. now, living with his mother (newly divorced), he is trying to right all his wrongs by staying true to his artistry and making good choices. kitty hawk marks a new start for his family. he's friendly until you mess with him or his closest friends and then you're cut off.
-chris brown.
-look at me now by chris brown.

I slid the plasma screen tv out of the trunk of my mom's Chevy Equinox, and hauled it inside of our new home. I could not believe that I was actually going to be living in the middle of nowhere. None of my boys back home had ever even heard of this place. Probably didn't even show up on a map. We ended up finding a pretty decent house, though. Right by the beach, three bedrooms, two stories. I mean, it wasn't nearly as tight as the place we had back in Atlanta but it was cool.

"JJ, you better hurry up and get that screen in here before it starts raining!" I hurried up the stairs, leaving it in the living room. And walking back to the car I started thinking again about the whole reason we were here.
If my dad hadn't hit my mom every time he got the chance, they wouldn't have needed the divorce. And if I wasn't an idiot, then we wouldn't have needed the fresh start. Everything in our lives was turning into a coulda shoulda woulda.
"Hey, you're new around here!" I turned as I heard a girl jog up towards the car. She was gorgeous to say the least. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail and some of her bangs were stuck to her head with sweat. "Sorry, I'm all gross. I'm nearing the end of my run and you all happen to be moving onto my street."
She extended her hand and I shook. "Its cool. I'm JJ, and you would be..."
"Oh, where are my manners? I'm Dawson Moana. I live right down there, and around that corner. Have my whole life. My brother actually owns the tattoo place in town, which you might enjoy." She pointed at the exposed tattoo on my bicep. I almost laughed, but stopped myself. "Sorry. That was kind of a split second decision. I talk a lot."
"Its cool."
"So are you guys here for good or are you just in for the summer?"
"For good I guess."
Darling kind of bounced in place. Or wait, was it Dani? Whatever, I didn't really plan on talking to too many people around here. Do my time and get out. Thats my newest motto.
"Oh, thats awesome. Well you should know now that Kitty Hawk is a pretty tight-knit community, and everybody knows everyone else. You know how that goes. Anyways, I figured I'd get a heads up on everyone else and introduce myself formally." I almost forced a smile, but stopped myself.
"I uh, gotta get done bringing this stuff inside." I started back towards the car again.
"Oh okay, well like I said, welcome to the neighborhood. You know where to find me if ya need me!" She pointed back towards the beach and jogged off, ponytail bouncing behind her.
I didn't really think I'd be needing to talk to her, although she seemed nice enough. And hey, she was pretty hot. But I'm just trying to survive this town.
And keep from letting this nosy town dip all in my business.
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thanksssss :)

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this is a really funny story

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very nice :)

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loveee (:


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