Aug 15,2009(a day late)
Work was well work..but the whole time I was bouncing off the walls excited to see Josh again. And especially in the park with the sunset how much more romantic could he be?!? While packing up to leave Platinum I got a call from Josh, I obviously picked up.
"Hi Josh,"I greeted him with.
"Hey Pep should I swing by your place so we can walk down to the park together?",he asked so innocently.
"Yep. That'd be great I was just leaving the office," I replied.
"Ok then I'll be waiting for you,"
"Sounds good see ya soon," I said.
"Kay see you Pep!",his voice responded.
He was so easy to talk to the conversation just flowed. I rushed home to change luckily he wasn't there yet so I changed into a tank,jeans,and black booties. Then I headed down to wait for him outside. I automatically looked to my right but then felt a light tap on my shoulder. Surprised I almost screamed thinking it was a murderer coming for me.
He started cracking up."Oh I'm so sorry did I scare you?",Josh said.
I started to laugh too, and it was true laughing IS contagious. 
"Hey you could have been a crazed killer!" I lightly slapped his arm.
"Sorry but it was funny seeing your frightened face-you have to admit didn't you feel stupid?"he questioned.
"Fine I guess so. But lets go before the sun sets!"
It was so easy to joke with him. In that instant as cliche` as it sounds I was falling for him. While we walked to Central Park he had his arm around me and we talked lightly the whole way. Once we got there I didn't even realize he was carrying a blanket with him. We set out looking for a good spot to see the sunset and once we did it was on a slight hill high enough to see the sunset. He spread the large blanket out and then we both plopped down on it. 
"Wow the sunset looks gorgeous tonight,"I said in a hushed tone.
He looked at me with thoughtful eyes then said in a low voice,"Not as gorgeous as you though,"
I almost laughed but bit my tongue,"Wow Josh thats soooo cheesy! And I'm not that pretty."
"No but its true Pepper you are really beautiful,"
We didn't talk much while watching the sun set but we did hold hands and comment on something or someone. And when we did make fun of someone walking by we were laughing so hard our cheeks hurt..I know we are so nice to people-HA. Once the sun set and it was getting dark Josh mentioned leaving..although I really didn't want him to go as corny as that sounds. 
"I can walk you back..if you want?",Josh offered.
"Well of course I just don't want you to leave"
"Well how about you come over to my place say Monday at 8?"
"Ya why wouldn't I"
After that we started walking back to my apartment and our fingers were still intertwined together. Once we got to my apartment he stopped in front of the steps and bent down to..
 -to be continued-
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Wrote 7 years ago
Me too!! Its adorable<3

Wrote 7 years ago
aw, i love how he calls you "pep". :]

Wrote 7 years ago
Awww YOUR so sweet and ya is a hottie! We should get together!!

Wrote 7 years ago
PEPP!! He's soo sweet! Josh is a hottie whooot! hahah. To be continued; i almost cried. lol. we gotta hang.
xo stevey


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