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of the night | bastille


i've been on holidays for about a week which i forgot to mention but it's not really that important anyway lol. but now you know :)) the bastille phase on polyvore was one of my favourites. speaking of which, my darling chlo visited today after six months which was a wonderful surprise. she's the loveliest and you should go check out her most recent set! @chloeadorable25 i miss the good old days with chlo. i remember our lil group having 2-5k followers each. everything was a little bambi themed back then and people had individual sets styles lol

also, kat needs more on her taglist. we all know it sucks when our taglists don't go well so please please comment yours on here for her. both her and i would appreciate it loads. i'll even spam you with likes. it sucks for kat because she's been here waay longer than me and probably you, and going from hundreds and hundreds of likes to even less can be discouraging. she's honestly the queen and not many people remember her anymore which is sad bc she was so popular and she still is lovable and amazing so if you have a moment, please give her a hand! :)

my laptop is lagging for some reason ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ so ciao. i'm going to tag my taglist from my other account so i can reply to yesterday's comments

comment "of the night" if you read all of this + add a ♡ if you tagged your taglist for kat. i'll check then spam you :)

- jemma

8.4.16 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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