ʜeʏ ʟoveʟʏ!♡

❥In your set description answer these questions for 5 points per question: 
a. If I made a contest requiring you to make outfits with clothing exclusively from one store: 
-which stores would you want? Forever 21, random little boutiques, mango, h&m
-would you want me to make one store for the entire team or let each person choose? The entire team because we are a "team"
-what do you think about these stores 
Modcloth- Vintage 
Hot Topic -Grunge/Punk 
H&M or Forever 21 or American Eagle -Girly 
b. If i made a contest requiring you to make sets inspired by a character in a show would you want me to choose: 
-the character? 
-the show?the show { Pretty little liars basically has all the styles}
-both the character and show?

❥ɑudɪтɪoɴ тo eɴтeʀ coɴтesтs ʟɪĸe тʜɪs oɴe! (ʀeɑʟʟʏ ғuɴ ɑɴd eɑsʏ!) meɴтɪoɴ me wʜeɴ ʏou ɑudɪтɪoɴ(; @battlemoderator25 

❥wɑɴт тo вe ɑ pvтɪppeʀ?! go ɑudɪтɪoɴ ɴow! @pvtips http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=95338982

ɪғ ʏou do ɑɴʏ oғ тʜɪs, ʟɪĸe ɑɴd commeɴт вeʟow ғoʀ ɑ suʀpʀɪse!!♡

♡ʟove, mɑe
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