Valerie was at another interview yet again. She had just gotten back with Sunshine Starlight a week ago and a lot of people have already hit her with interviews. It was her third interview for the week, asking about the scandals she had left behind.

She sat down on the chair opposite of her interviewer, fixing her hair slightly as the director has signaled that their segment was going to go on in a couple of seconds now. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a second, wanting to make sure that she was calm when the interview started.


[SK]: Hello there Showbiz Korea viewers! As promised, we have brought you all a very special guest to the show. She has been in a mini-hiatus for the past two months and is officially back to join her other members in Sunshine Starlight. Here is Ms. Valerie Seung!

[V]: -waves- Hello there everybody~ Sunshine Starlight's Valerie here! -bows slightly-

[SK]: Well, have been gone for how long again?

[V]: A couple of months, I believe. I'm not quite sure.

[SK]: And you've been travelling in Europe right? -Valerie nods- I'm pretty sure your fans would be very curious to know what exactly has Valerie been doing for the past months.

[V]: -tilts head- Hm, I have been...dealing with the scandals that have been thrown at me. With my love life and all the other factors in me. Ah, during that period...I also wanted it to be a little special when I finally come back. For my fans and for my members who haven't abandoned me during my hiatus.

[SK]: -nods- Something special? And what might that exactly be?

[V]: -laughs slightly- Well, I actually have recorded a single during the past months. I had written a song back then, something to just serve as a therapy during the hard times of my scandalous phase. It would be out soon though. 

[SK]: Could you tell us a bit more of your single?

[V]: First of all, it's called 'Heaven'. It was a song that talks about a certain person that I'm very thankful for. For always being there for me even in my lowest moments. I'm pretty sure everyone would easily understand who this person is, but I would also want to dedicate it for my fans, who have stuck by me throughout everything. -smiles-

[SK]: We'll all make sure to look forward to that single then! -nods- Now, would it be alright if I moved on to a little personal question?

[V]: I guess so. -shrugs, laughing-

[SK]: During the past months, has there been a certain guy that has caught your attention or someone that has been waiting for you to come back?

[V]: -laughs, running her fingers through her hair- Ah, my love life. I'm scared that I might end up in another scandal here. -shakes her head- Well, truthfully...I'm not even sure myself. I think there is, but I mean...even my members don't know about him yet.

[SK]: They don't know about this certain person? Could it be you met him in Europe?

[V]: I did actually. -smiles- He's...well....Korean and was on vacation with his hyung in Italy. I just know his hyung and I recognized him when we were at...a museum I believe.

[SK]: Could this person be an idol as well?

[V]: -smiles and shrugs- Well, yes and no.

[SK]: How so?

[V]: He's is an idol, but I really don't want to say his name just yet because I might end up creating another scandal but....he's from a really famous group. 

[SK]: So, you're dating him?

[V]: No. We're just good friends. We got to know each other more in Europe so I have to start somewhere.

[SK]: Arraseo, arraseo. Thank you for spending some time with us Valerie. Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

[V]: Well...Hello there Sparkles! Once again, this has been Valerie Seung. I'd just like to say thank you for sticking with me through out the whole process of me being an idol. Thank you so much and please look forward to Sunshine Starlight's activities in the future as well as our sub-group and my solo activities as well. I love you all~!


Two stories in a day! ^^ This was a little hard, but anyways....yes. She has a new guy. Hehe. I shall announce soon. I just thought that she had to get over Donghae now since he did break up with her in a very harsh way. :P 

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