Friday 7:40 am. At SS dorm. In every room there was a cameraman to film the girls waking up. All the alarms in the house went on at the same time. Soon Immy, Mia and Val woke up but when they saw the cameras they coverd their heads with the blanket.


After breakfast the girls went to jogging and then they were supposed to go to the showcase hall to have final rehearsals. Immy took a break without saying and with a cameraman behind her, she left for a salon.

“You know how much I hate excersising. Because they’re really good at it, but me… so we came here to have nails painted for tonight and to change my hair color. Back to black” she smiled.

“What do you say? Do you like it, ajeossi?” she asked the cameraman showing her nails. “Cherry blossom~ Japan mood!”

After doing the hair she received a call from her worried Manager, who probably knew Immy had a break. After 2 minutes of yelling over the phone, the Manager finally told Immy she had to come at the company because YG President had some news.

“So we have to hurry!” Immy said to the cameras and ran.

[at the company in Japan – without cameras]

The girls knocked at the door and entered before President told them to enter.

“Sajang-nim, is everything alright?” asked Eun Hee.
“Yes, more than alright. I’ve good news for you. From today on there will be an Assistant Manager who will help you, Eun Hee-ssi.”
“Excuse me?” she said back.
“Yes, Sunshine Starlight will have one more Manager. Just like the times with Manager Gook.”
“Sajang-nim, I am fine by myself. I can take care of them by myself…” started Eun Hee.
“Eun Hee-ssi, is hard for you. There are lots of girls who have sometimes different schedules. And Eun Hee-ssi has to organize the schedules by herself and has more than 100 things to do. I want to lighter the burden on your shoulders. Park Jung Hyun-ssi, please come in~” said President Yang.

“Hello, I am Park Jung Hyun” the man bowed.
“Oh, crazy ajeossi?” Immy smiled.

When Eun Hee lifted her head up after bowing she almost fell on the ground. “You…”

“Do you two know eachother?” asked President Yang.
“This man came when the girls were filming the mv and helped around but…” Eun Hee started.


[FLASHBACK – the day the girls filmed the mv, during break]

“Ya, excuse me ajeossi!” said Eun Hee to the man. “You’re from staff right? Come with me!”
“I’m not…”
“Come, I said!” she demanded.

Eun Hee was usually stressed during mv filming, because she was afraid that because of fatigue one of the girls could collapse so she would often argue with people.

“I said with chocolate, not coffee.” She said to the waiter.
“You said with coffee, customer”
“Okay okay. Give me with vanilla” she said.

Both Eun Hee and Jung Hyun took the ice creams and some coffees. “Hey listen!” said Eun Hee who was only holding 4 ice creams and 2 coffees.
“What do you want you sly fox?” asked the man turning around. In that very second, Eun Hee’s dress was dirty, was full of vanilla.
“What? What did you say?” she asked. “This dress is Dolce & Gabana. It was expensive, you better take money out of your pocket. NOW!”
“You know what? I’m not a staff and I don’t have any reason to help you. I am a friend of one of your girls, Immy.”
“Immy’s friend? She has no old friends. Are you her uncle-fan?”
“I actually helped her while she was in Japan. Ask Strawberry too, she knows me. So, I’m sorry for the dress but I have no money. I’m so pissed of right now, you see me as a servant. Take this and this” he said handing her ice creams and coffees. “And leave me alone. Goodbye!”



“Kids, you can go and have rehearsals, we will talk between adults.” Spoke President Yang.
“Yes~” they replied in unison.

The girls left for rehearsals on stage. “Eonnideul, dongsaengdeul, I changed my hair color” Immy said.
“Oh, you look beautiful!” they replied.
“You didn’t even notice” Immy said.

[1 hour before the showcase]

After endless rehearsals and cameras following them it was almost time to start the showcase. The coordis were placing the clothes in order and Manager and Assistant Manager gave them few advices. 

Eun Hee didn’t like the new guy, for more reasons: she was upset because of her dress which she only weard once and second, she was afraid the girls would like more him than her, so she would have to step back. Jung Hyun also didn’t like her, because of her personality: he thought she was too straight forward; always things had to be done in the right way.

The girls were finally adjusting mics, staff was running like crazy around and they were a little nervous.

“Aish, I don’t like these shoes.” Immy said pointing at her traditional Japanese shoes. “Will we have time to remove these shoes and put the others on? What if we dance in bare feet?”
“Eonni, calm down!” said Barbie.

“5 more minutes!” said a staff member.

The girls formed a circle and put their hands in the middle. “Thanks God for this day. 9 members AS ONE! I love you! Sunshine Starlight, fighting!”

“20 seconds!” spoke a staff member.
“Just have fun!” said their Manager, smiling.



As the stage lights went off, sparkles screaming could be heard from backstage. We took our fans and waited for the opening. The traditional dance was really hard and we had to be focused not to mistake a move because it would offend our Japanese sparkles. When finished the dance, everyone cheered and clapped. That was a big satisfaction, it meant we did a good job. At our Korean Concert, sometime in the future, I’d like to have a traditional dance. Korean dances are more beautiful and graceful, so I hope there will be a chance for us to dance it. The lights turned off and we removed the kimonos and shoes. I quickly placed my feet in white pumps and went to my place on stage. The music started. After the first song, it was time for our intros.

“みなさん、こんにちは。私は、サンシャインスターライトのImmyです.”I said when it was my turn. The ones who were better at Japanese expressed our feelings being there and about the showcase.

The next song was Lies and sparkles even did the chorus “geotjimal”. After the song, we had a little talk while Barbie, Val, Blossom, C and Kyri eonni were changing their clothes for the next stage.

“Barbie, C, Valerie, Blossom Kyri onesan 歓迎してください!” I said before they came on stage.

While they were singing we also changed our clothes for our performance and we wanted to wait in silence but just after we put on the mics, they finished their song. We went on stage and waited for the instrumental to begin, actually we didn’t have a MR, we had a band on stage. While singing, I thought I’d die because it was too awesome, and hard. After we had finished our performance, we rushed in the backstage to change our clothes. While descending the stairs I removed my boots and walked bare feet to the dressing room. I felt like my feet would burn there because it was too hot. I quickly changed in a dress and put my hair up in a bun with the help of our coordies. Before going on stage I whispered something to ajeossi.

“Make sure Eun Hee eonni sits here. After we finish this song, take her right here because I want to see her reaction” I said.

The next song cooled down the athmosphere because it was a ballad.

“Minasan,” Kyri eonni. “The next song is for the most important person in our life who helped us no matter what. She is and she will always be the best Manager eonni in the whole world!”
“The song was written by one of our members, Kayla eonni. I hope she will watch the showcase” I said.

“Ajeossi, here is your first task” I said. “Take Eun Hee eonni and go away for 10 minutes.”
“For the past weeks we sent her to buy food from a far away restaurant but she wouldn’t believe now this. So you take her and go and buy us some food, but stay 10 minutes away” said Strawberry eonni.

When the song had ended I saw Eun Hee eonni rubbing her eyes with a napkin. We also rubbed our eyes, staff came to give us napkins. The song was touching, it was meant for us when Kayla eonni wrote it. But now it has become a song for eonni, she wouldn’t mind, I knew that.

“Okay, let’s cheer up! Let’s sing a happy song and let’s bring the Christmas magic here!” spoke C in perfect Japanese.

After that song we had a break, sparkles too. “You worked hard” I bowed to the band that had the most difficult task. We changed our clothes, but for 2 minutes we closed inside the dressing room wearing only our underwear. After cooling down, I placed 2 ice cubes on my back and my belly, we changed in the next clothes, of course while telling Eun Hee eonni how the idea came with the song and stuff. When we went on stage we had the segment where we were supposed to answer questions from fans, funny questions some of them. Then ballads came. However, sparkles were indeed curious to see Paparazzi and were anxiously waiting for it. After we sang First Kiss, lights went off and staff came to give us our coats for Cry Cry. While dancing to Cry Cry I almost fell on stage because I was drooping, a little. However, after Cry Cry lights went off again and we took on trench coats because were doing the “singing in the rain” intro. After that melody has stopped we removed our trench coats and threw them in the air. Before the last chorus, just after Val had said “ra ta ta”, millions of pyrotechnic elements exploded and millions of purple sparkles came down from “heaven”.

We expressed that the night was awesome and stuff introduced them the band members, thanking them, our Managers and coordis came on stage with a big cake written on it “Arigato”. We blew the candles, told them we were gonna meet again and gave the final greetings.

“これは、サンシャインスターライトでした!ありがとうございました!” we said at the end, before leaving the stage.

That was another memorable moment from Japan and I hope there will be more of this moment. I enjoyed the showcase and always after hearing sparkles cheering I know I’ve done in life what I was supposed to do. After going out of stage we had to take few interviews and that lasted until 3 o’clock. 

President Yang himself came to us with chocolates and lots of flowers, praising us.

Before going to sleep I left a message for sparkles:

“Thank you! The night was amazing! Let’s have more nights like this. Sleep well!”


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