We all woke up at 6 in the morning for the mv shooting. We dressed in comfortable clothes, without make up. I looked horrible in the morning so I put on sunglasses. We stepped in the van and got at the filming set in more than 10 minutes. Huge set!!

“Hello!” we greeted everyone and went to make up.

Lots of cameras were there for interviews and stuff and for SSTV2. We would first film the dance version. After about 2 hours we were ready to shoot.

“How are feeling my YG Princesses?”
We all turned around to see President Yang who came to see the mv.
“Yang Sajang-nim, when did you arrive?” I asked.
“Half an hour ago” he replied.

“2 minutes” spoke a staff member.

We went on the set and got ready to film.

“Playback!” said Director.

Ooh la la la
La la la la
Ooh la la la
Oh oh oh

“I’m sorry” I bowed when bumped into Barbie. “Are you okay?” I said hugging her.
“Yes, eonni. Don’t worry” she said.


Life is a party Garage kara Suit Room

[lunch time]

“Okay, you were great! Let’s have lunch, I’m starving” spoke YG President.
“Girls, have a little interview” said Eun Hee eonni. We bowed, meaning ‘yes’

All of us sat on chairs and covered our legs with blanket and waited for the camera lights to go red. The interviewer was talking in Japanese, but us in Korean.

Interviewer: Hello!
Kyri: 1, 2, 3!
SS: こんにちは、サンシャインスターライトです。
Interviewr: Yes, I see you smiling even after dancing for more 3 hours. Why that?
Barbie: We didn’t dance for 3 hours. We also had breaks. But we’re smiling because we are greeting our fans.
Interviewer: Yes… What do you think about the song? Do you like it?
SS: Yes!
Kyri: Our writers worked really hard writing this song. Of course we like but, not because that. We like it because it’s catchy.
Strawberry: And addictive, just like chocolate. [everyone laugh]
Interviewer: I see… well, this your first full Japanese album.
C: Yes, this is our first full Japanese album. It contains 10 songs and the title song is “Paparazzi”. Please enjoy it!
Interviewer: You look like you’re really working hard. Could you explain the meaning behind the lyrics?
Valerie: Uhm, it’s about partying. What’s the meaning?
Blossom: Yeah, partying I think from garage to suit room. And being chased by paparazzi… I think.
Interviewr: I see. Could you show us the dance point?
Strawberry: Okay, I will show you. Stay like this and “boom-boom-boom”. This is the main point.
Interviewer: Do you have confidence with this song and album?
Pearl: Yes. I have. Because this is my first Japanese comeback with Sunshine Starlight and they never disappointed me, this group and their songs, so I think it will be okay. I have confidence.
Interviewer: I see. What’s your goal with this album?
Immy: Our goal is people to like us. I really want sparkles to keep supporting us, because without fans a group doesn’t exist. So, for our Japanese sparkles we wanted to give them something new. Even though it’s in Japanese we hope fans from around the world to like it, and to sing along with us.
Interviewer: Okay, I will also sing along and do the dance. For the end let’s dance together the main point.


“You worked hard” we bowed at the interviewer.
“Let’s have lunch” said Eun Hee eonni.

I removed the gloves and before I sat down I spoke to the cameras.
“Yes, Sunshine Starlight will have lunch right now and then we’re going to shoot more scenes~”
“When are you going to film in dresses at that set?” asked the VJ.
“Uh, soon. After lunch we will have one more take at this set and then we film there”

Many cameras were around us to see how we eat.
“So, are you happy while filming?” asked President Yang.
“Yes!” we said in unison.
“Okay, good. Let this see on cameras, but still have a little swag… Understand?”
“Okay, okay, let’s eat!” he said.
“We’ll be eating good!” we all said.
“That means I have to pay? You punks!” said President, but then smiled. “Eat a lot!”


We changed our clothes and make up, and got ready. Never ending shoots… While others were filming I took my time to eat an ice cream.

“Is it tasty?” asked the cameraman.
“Uhm… do you want me to go and buy one for you?” I asked.
“No, it’s not necessary” he said.
“Let’s go!” I said, standing up and leaving the studio.

“I’m usually a nice person, so ajeossi pick what you want” I said walking. “What time is it now? Ajeossi, do you have a watch? Ah, 3 o’clock… Okay, pick the one you want…”

We went back to the studio and noticed a familiar face. “Wait a second” I said to the cameraman. “Ajeossi!”
“Oh, Immy!”
“Ajeossi, what are you doing here? Are you okay? I haven’t seen you for the last few days…”
“Yeah, ajeossi is fine. I came to see the mv”
“Really? Thanks for coming… And about your debt… don’t worry, I’ll take it like I helped someone”
“Thanks, but I will pay you” he said.

“Immy, your turn. Come quickly!” I heard Eun Hee eonni.
“Yes, eonni! Ajeossi, see you later!” I bowed.

“Standby… Playback!” said the Director. The other members were watching me. 
“Be natural!” said Eun Hee eonni.

It was really awkward to look at a camera and act like that. We were lucky it wasn’t a cute song, we had to show agyeo if it was like that.

“Wait a sec. Let’s take a break!” I said.
“What happened?” asked Barbie. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, but it’s awkard! I don’t know what to do, facial expressions… Help me!”

They knew I couldn’t do that. Everyone knew it was the most difficult part for me. Forget the dance, it was easier than filming individual. As an actress I might be able to do that… As an actress. After 5 minutes break I was ready. “Playback!” spoke the Director.

“Show me your coolness!” muttered Blossom.

“Cut! Okay!” said the Director. “We should film the group dance now… 20 minutes break!”

“Yes, right now we’re getting ready to shoot the dance… The individual shooting it’s done. I was the last. I’m always the last” I laughed.

[later – 12 o’clock at night]

Every girl was really tired… I was sitting on a chair and a cameraman came to me. I stood up.

“Annyeong~” I waved. “I’m Immy of Sunshine Starlight! How are you doing? Right now we’re waiting to film the last shot and everyone is tired~”
“Is it hard on you?”
“No. I enjoy filming a mv and I give my best, because sparkles deserve~ Uhm, I wasn’t so tired since… uh, since the last MV filming”
“And while filming the drama weren’t you tired?”
“I didn’t have to dance there” I laughed. “But I was, of course I was tired. But filming MV is even more tiredsome. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy filming mvs. Excuse me, ajeossi, do you like my dress? Do you think I look good?”
“Yes, you look okay”
“I made the dresses for every girl. I think I made a good job, right? You have to agree with me. Should I talk in Japanese? Since this is a Japanese MV… I won’t because I don’t know. By the way, you watched the whole process… Did we do a good job? Oh, if you, sparkles, look around you can see everyone is almost asleep. We’re like in Sleeping Beauty. Even the Director is tired. And President Yang woke up at 4 o’clock to come here… I’m the one who is okay, not sleepy, but only I don’t feel my feet anymore. I wore high heels the whole day. Let’s go and greet the others. Come with me!” I said walking towards Kyri eonni. “Ah, she’s writing a message… Kyri eonni, tell us how you feel” I said.
“Amazing! I’m fine, tired. But since I’m the leader I have to be fine, right Immy?”
“Yes. Keep writing, let’s say hi to Barbie. Come ajeossi… Barbie! How are you?”
“Eonni” she said opening her eyes. “Oh, sparkles! Annyeong~” she waved.
“Aww, our maknae wants to sleep~” I said, hugging her.

[later – after the shooting]

“Okay! Cut! We’re done. You worked hard” said the Director.
“You worked hard!” we replied.

We went to change our clothes and then came back on the setting to say goodbye to everyone.

“Eonni” I patted Eun Hee eonni’s shoulder. “Can I stay to help packing these?”
“Uhm, you can. I’ve to talk to the President and Director” she said.
“But eonni, what happened to your skirt?”
“Ah, ask that ajeossi who came here uninvited!”

We all gathered in front of the city set and SSTV cameras went on.
“Yes, we finally finished the filming” started Kyri eonni. “Please wait for the music video and give us lots of support! We are here gathered all around because we want to say you something”
“We have a surprise for you” said C. “It will be huge~”
“You’re curious, right?” asked Val. “Wait for it, we will show the surprise really soon~”
“This was Sunshine Starlight! Good night~~” we all waved.


btw, SS will have a showcase in japan. Kristine told me to take care of everything :)

and girls~~~ did you forget about my sis' birthday??
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