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I know i shouldn't let it affect me but i haven't had a top set in ages, and it's really making me depressed. I think my sets are pretty good and it would be nice to get more recognition, especially since i went through a period about a year and a half ago where i was getting top set after top set..i feel like my sets have improved, but it doesn't seem like polyvore feels the same. anyway, sorry for the slight pity party session i have going on for myself...sigh. anyway!
this didn't start out as a fourth of july set but eventually started leaning in that direction so..happy early 4th of july everyone! this set took me a crazy long time to make so if you'd take the time to leave a comment i'd really appreciate it :)

@polyvore @polyvore-editorial happy early 4th of july!
find this gorgeous watch here:
#glamrock #summer #glamrockwatches

#fourthofjuly #stripes #Summer #statementnecklace #stars #romper #Nautical 

I'm seriouslt loving stripes and bright colors (and loads of jewelry!) right now :)
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