super Fae & familiars company II

These are the super Fae & familiars returning to Dragondropland for honors at an elegant event. Those who arrive are those left alive, proving their quests were successful!!
DragonDropLand, or DDL, is the main world & capitol of the Side Slipped Worlds. AND, the residence of the Graaayt Nhaaanhuu, Empress to the Side Slipped Galaxy.
Dayle D Ann, a Chi Dreamspinner & fashion/decor/events coordinator extraordinaire, was appointed liason to the Empress, & is providing clothes, housing & entertainment PLUS the awards gala for all that arrive.
The familiars from HELL & their care are less of a problem than the super FAE'S individual tastes & styles.
It's up to DD to spin all their dreams while they're in DDL.
A challenge, but, what fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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