Super Nerd Costume!

This quick and easy homemade costume is great for parades, parties, or trick-or-treating!
What you'll need:
-Black square framed glasses
-A black cape(nothing fancy)
-Converse or other sneakers
-A striped tie
-A white button down shirt
-Skinny Jeans
How to pull it off:
-Put a piece of white masking tape over the bridge of your glasses
-Put on your button down shirt and jeans, and tuck your shirt into your jeans
-Tie your tie(
-Lace up your converse all the way
-Attach your suspenders to your jeans
-Make a 'Super Nerd' logo, and attach it to your cape with safety pins
-Tie your cape on, and you're ready!
-Put pens and pencils into a shirt pocket, if you have one(optional)
And there you have it! A super nerd costume.
Hope you enjoy it!

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