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So i am really begin to hate the 50 item limit.

Anyway join (if you haven't) -

Here is my character : 

name: Rachel Windsor 
age: 23
quote or lyric to describe you character : In the end they'll judge me anyway, so whatever - Up , Up and Away /Kid Cudi
likes: blogging , wasting time , clothes , spring , autumn , cold coffee , caramel latte's , Ashton's art studio , people watching, television , her boyfriend for the most part , travelling , dogs, her ipad.
dislikes: country music, craving smokes even though she is trying to quit , ugg boots , her parents , not understanding her emotions , people who force their opinions on other people , when her ipad lags , no wifi connection.
style: Basic with an edge or Boho Chic depending on the day. 
previous occupation: Being a privileged yet emotional deprived daughter? No that doesn't count. Fashion Blogger , Worked at a high end boutique.
bio: Charming, Spoiled, Fresh, Emotional Unavailabe , Stylish, Trainwreck
All of this words have been used to describe this British born beauty Rachel Windsor , born into a wealthy family spent most of her life being able to get anything money could buy but it also meant she had little love and even less stability. Every day it was a different disappoint ranging the early days of missed dance recitals and being called a useless child to the more recent 'get the hell out of my house you ungrateful child' and catching her father and his gay lover in the act. Rachel took of all of this as a reason to shut people out. People were cruel, fake and mostly hard to understand in a young Rachel's mind which lead her to clothes. Instead of mingling with the dumb and mostly annoying children of other wealthy people Rachel stayed in her room going through all of her clothes and style them in different ways , after all it was easier to focus on clothes. As she got older her love of fashion and style grew leading her to late nights reading fashion magazine and blogs instead of studying as well as watching the fashion network religiously and ofcourse buying all the clothes she could get her hands on. It was around then , her late teens that she started to become ' A dictator of taste' as her only friend Ashton pointed out (more on him later) , critiquing other the girl's terrible fashion sense became a defence mechanism for Rachel at school. They could b.tch about her being weird and having a funny accent all they like because she looked better then them and that was all the mattered. After finishing school Rachel's life just got complicated she got kicked out of her home forced to move into Ashton's loft , Meeting Ashton's friend Rory who she started dating , catching her dad having sex with her god father and realising she has feeling's for her best friend. All throw this fashion has been the only stable thing in her life , it is something she loves and it keeps her sane.
model : ???

Also cause i tend to use the same guys all the time i was wondering if you could suggest people for them to. 

Ashton (24)
- An artist from Brooklyn 
Sarcastic , Judgemental , Close Friends with Rachel , Creative , Indie, Artist , Likes to Smoke.

Rory (23)
- Socialite who some how became friends with Ashton.
Generally a good guy,Puts work before everything else , clasically good looking.

If you did all of the things above i'll love you.
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