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The Hamptons


I stared at my reflection for so long that my face no longer made much sense to me anymore.
Roughly, I ran my hands through my hair and needlessly touched up my lipstick.
I smoothed the front of my dress and shifted my weight, awkwardly, from one foot to the other.
"What are you doing?" I mumbled to an empty bathroom.

While caterers busily worked downstairs, I was freaking out upstairs over the fact that I'd be coming face to face with Aidan any minute now.
And even though Chrissy and Von were there and I knew that I could turn to them for moral support, I still felt...sort of...helpless.
So I primped.
Deep down I knew that it wouldn't make any difference.
None of this was going to make our forced reunion any less uncomfortable.
And it wasn't going to make him love me again, either.
But I couldn't seem to stop.
"So stupid," I sighed, picking up a hair brush only to have it slip from my fingers and crash into the sink.

"Hey," Chloe's voice called brightly on the other side of the door - knocking - then opening it before I said she could. "What's going on in here?"
"Oh, nothing," I shrugged, turning away from the mirror to look at her. "Just your regular everyday mental breakdown."
"Let me guess me guess what this is about," her voice was filled with pity.
I sighed.
Wasn't it always, always, always?
"Why did you have invite Aidan?" I whined.
Yes, he'd called me for my birthday.
And no, I couldn't stop thinking about him since then.
But that didn't mean I was ready to see him.
I didn't know when I would be.

"I thought you two were in a good place now..." Chlo voice trailed off but her tone was hopeful.
In fact, if anyone was hoping for things to work out between us, it was my sister.
But I didn't know. 
I was lost for words and way too entangled in my feelings.
"Well, he's my friend," she said lightly. "And Evan loves him and...it's just really important that he be here."
"Fine," I dismissed all talk of him.
Even though I really didn't get it.
Aidan left for California weeks ago -
Hadn't they already said their goodbyes?
There's no reason for him to come all the way back here.
Not now.

I watched Chloe turn towards the mirror and then quickly back to me.
"How do I look?" she asked, sounding surprisingly nervous.
I took in her tan skin and dark hair, her yellow dress and her bright smile.
"You look amazing," I told her honestly.
So pretty.
And happy.
But it was more than that, really.
She was practically glowing.
"Thanks, Summ," she beamed, taking my hands in hers. "Tonight is going to be great. You'll see."
"I've never seen someone so happy about a going-away party," I eyed her suspiciously.
Unable to help the feeling that there was something I was missing out on.
Something that she wasn't telling me.
I knew that this was a new chapter and all.
But why was she so eager to leave me?
"Can I tell you a secret?" Chlo lowered her voice.
I nodded immediately.
But before she could confess, Abby knocked on the door saying something about caterers and broken glasses and Chloe literally had to run.
"I'll be right back," she called, dashing out of the door.

Closing it behind her, I turned once again to face the mirror.
"Get your s.hit together, Roberts," I mumbled, my hands going to my hair once more.


Chloe called me at least a dozen times over the past week to make sure that work wouldn't keep me from her party.
She wanted make sure I had directions to her dad's place in the Hamptons.
And she made me promise that I'd be there on time.
And because it really seemed important to her, I assured her I would be and I was.

Walking up to the house, my eyes landed on the hand-painted banner hanging above the door.
'Bon Vonyage, Ev & Chlo' - it read - surrounded by small white lights.
Glancing at it, I still couldn't believe they'd be heading to Haiti in just two days.
"Hey, Hollywood!" Chrissy exclaimed, bounding down the steps and into my arms. "It's about time you got here."
"Why does everyone call me that?" I laughed a bit, squeezing her.
"You know why," she pulled back to glance at me. "Wow..."
"You look homeless."
I laughed.
Chris took in my slight beard and longer hair and shook her head, disapprovingly. "No."
"I'm sorry," I shrugged, as she slipped her arm in mine and lead me closer to the house. "But I've been trying to save my pretend parents from rouge government agents. I haven't had time to shave."
"Well, you should make time, surfer Jesus."

The living room was filled with laughter and excited conversations.
Somewhere, someone was softly playing chords on their guitar.
And people were holding mason jars filled with lemonade that I prayed was spiked.
Curiously, my eyes scanned the room.
Robert and Anne were there.
And so were Abby, Liza and Tatum.
(The guys, Chris told me, were all camping upstate.)

There were a handful of Chloe and Evan's NYU friends.
Two guys I recognized as Ev's brothers.
A couple I guessed were his parents.
And that guy Van (Vick? Vlad?) who had somehow managed to secure an invite.

Summer's mom, Audrey, was there too, scowling into her drink.
And so was her dad.
When he saw me, Pierce gave a friendly nod, his arm tightly wrapped around Rachel, as she clung to his side and gazed around the room expectantly.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think she was looking out for someone.
Probably Summ.
"Summ is so mean to her," Chlo had told me once. "I think Rachel's actually 'scared' of her."

Speaking of Summer -
I couldn't help but search for her, thinking how weird it felt to want to see her so badly.
But soon there she was.
Trailing behind Evan and Chlo, as the two came down the stairs, hand in hand.
"Thank you all for coming," Evan said, his voice quieting us down. "This really means a lot to us that you're here tonight."
"And we know that you all came for our going-away party," Chloe grinned at Evan before looking out at all of us. "But..."
"But," Even went on. "That's not all that's happening."
"Right," Chlo giggled. She couldn't contain herself. "Because...we're getting married!"




"Oh my God, you guys!"


The room broke out in screams and yells and high-pitched congratulations, as everyone rushed to hug them both.
"Come on!" Chlo grabbed Evan's hand once again. "Let's have a wedding!"
There were whistles and yells as we all kicked off our shoes by the backdoor and made our way to the beach.


Chairs and a simple arch covered in yellow flowers were set up near the shore.
As we paraded down, I wondered how I could have missed all of this.
"You're not mad at me for keeping it from you, are you?" Chlo asked me.
"No, no," I shook my head, taking in the twinkling lights and the ocean underneath the setting sun.
It was simple and beautiful.
Very Evan and Chlo.
How could I be anything but happy for them?
"So," she smiled, handing me a bouquet that one of the caterers handed her. "You'll be my maid of honor?"
Instead of answering, I hugged her.
And stood beside her - as Evan's brothers stood by him - and the two of them said their vows.

Just like at every wedding, they promised to love each other forever and ever.
Mix that in with the way Evan looked at her as he slipped the ring on her finger, and the way Chlo cried happy tears as she said 'I do' -
and I couldn't help but cry tears of my own.
They were pronounced man and wife, kissed sweetly as the beach echoed in cheers.
It was done. It had happened. It was real.
My sister was now Mrs. Chloe Roberts-Easton.

Chinese lanterns and tiki torches had soon transformed the beach behind Dad's house into the perfect party setting.
Music started - a group of Evan's friends pulled out their guitars to play songs we all knew.
Everyone milled around in excitement, but I found a seat next to Chrissy in the middle of it all.
"Crazy, right?" she grinned. 
"Yeah," I smiled back. "I mean, I always knew that it would happen one day. But I just didn't know it'd be today."
Chrissy laughed as we both dug our toes deeper into the sand.
And tried to remember the names of Evan's two younger brothers.
I'd only seen them a few times over the years. 
It was weird that I was sort of related to them now.

"Hey, you two," Chris called over my shoulder.
I turned around to see Aidan walking over with Tatum in his arms.

Holding a baby.
That's something I never imaged I'd see.

"Hey," he smiled at us before glancing down at Tatum again. "Did you know that she could talk?"
"Of course I knew that," Chris tossed out.
"No, really," he went on, astonished. "She can say 'hi' and 'eat'. And 'Aidan'. Hey, Tatum-tot. Tatum. Say 'Aaa-dannnn'."
But the baby was more interested in his tie than his words. 
It hung around his neck, she realized, but she pulled and pulled and couldn't get it off.
She whimpered in frustration.
"Tatum-tot?" I wondered out loud.
"Yeah," Aidan nodded proudly. "Tatum-tot, like tater-tot, because she's small like a -"
"Like a tater tot," Chris rolled his eyes but she laughed. "Yeah, we get it."
"But she totally said my name," he went on. "I swear. And, yes, I already Instagrammed it."

Chrissy stood, reaching for her niece.
"What's on your face, baby girl?" she cooed. 
"That would be the vegan, flour-less, gluten-free chocolate wedding cake," Aidan said, handing her over. "She ate a piece almost as big as her."
"Hey, Summ," Chris began teasingly. "I'll save you a piece, okay?"
"Don't bother," I called after her.
She carried Tatum towards the house, where there was probably nothing but lettuce wraps and hummus.
Which I would never eat, not even now, even though I was practically starving.
"I'd kill for a pizza," I mumbled - silently cursing my sister's health-conscious ways.
"Me too," Aidan nodded, smiling down at me. "But I have to admit that the cake wasn't so bad."
I struggled to smile.
But I quickly glanced beyond him.
Because looking at him was just as hard as I thought it would be.

I hadn't realized that the music stopped, until it started up again.
Guitars softly playing that song about loving someone for a thousand years.
Chloe and Evan were in each other's arms, swaying together, close to the shore.
It was obvious to anyone that they were so in love.
And in that moment they probably felt like the only two people in the world.

I missed that feeling.

Aidan's eyes followed my glance before turning back to face me.
"Dance with me," he said, his hand reaching out for mine.
"Oh, no," I shook my head. "It's okay...I...um...."
"Summ, it's a wedding," he coaxed. "You kind of have to."
I took a deep breath - hating to admit how badly I wanted to be in his arms now.
Though I hesitated, I eventually put my hand in his.
And we joined a few other couples in the middle of the sand.


Summ's eyes searched my face as we danced.
"It's the beard, isn't it?" I wondered. 
"And the hair," she admitted.
"Chris hates it. She said I looked like a...a beach bum Jesus...or something."
With that she laughed loudly.
Her face lit up and she looked truly happy for just a few seconds.
"I'm gonna cut it," I promised. "Soon."
Or at least I planned to.
It seemed to work for the movie's latest scenes.
But I know it'd have to be gone by the time we started shooting for 'Mad Men'.

"I don't know," Summ shrugged, still critiquing. "I kind of like it."
"Yeah," she gave me a weak smile, as her fingers brushed my neck. "It makes you look...different. But older. And still good."
"You look good, too," I said lamely.
But she blushed anyways. "Thanks."
"Awesome night, huh?"
"What do you think of it?" I wanted to know. "You know, the surprise wedding?"
"I think it's cool," her voice turned bright. "I mean, it's the way Britney Spears did it when she married Kevin Federline. So, I approve."
I laughed, pulling her just a little closer. "So, how would you do it?"
"Do what?"
"Get married?" I asked. "What kind of wedding do you want?"

"Oh," Summ shook her head again. "No. I'm never getting married."
"I'm not."
"Just tell me."
"You tell me," Summ quickly turned the tables. "What kind of wedding do you want?"
"Vegas," I said confidently.
"Yeah," I grinned at her disbelief. "Elvis can perform the ceremony -"
"Or I'll just get a convertible and go through one of those drive-through chapels," I went on. "Then have dinner at a huge buffet and gamble all night long."
"That is 'the' tackiest thing I've ever heard."
"Exactly," I said - as we laughed together. "Tacky and hilarious and fun."
"Whatever you say."
"Now 'you' tell 'me'."
"I already did. I'm never -"
"What 'if' Leonardo DiCaprio proposes one day?"

And it was amazing how fast her expression changed.

She bit her lip, her eyes looked a bit dreamy for a moment.
"Tuscany," she said at last.
"Outside. Overlooking a vineyard. On the last day of the summer."
"Sounds amazingly well-planned for someone who's 'never' getting married."
"It's only there just in case Leo asks."
"Right. Of course."

One song melted into another then another and the two of us still danced.
Although I could tell that Summ was reluctant.
Every time the music stopped, I'd refuse to let her go, even when she tried to pull away, her eyes not meeting mine.
"I still miss you, you know," I confessed. 
"Aidan, just -"
"But it's like you can't stand to be around me anymore."
"It's hard," she said - staring boldly at me now. "It's really hard for me to see you."
My mind instantly went to the past, highlighting every mistake I'd ever made with her. But I was sorry about that now. And I'd been sorry. 
Why couldn't we just be okay again?
"Because," Summ's voice was strained in frustration. 
"Just tell me," I begged.
Maybe if we got it out in the open we could make things right. Once and for all.
Instead she pulled me to her, hiding her face in my neck.
My arms tightened around her, instinctively, not knowing what else to do.

"It's hard because I was so mad at you, Aidan," she cried, her words coming fast. "I was mad and I wanted to hate you but I can't hate you. I could never hate you. Because I loved you. And I 'still' love you. And that's why I can't be friends because I still love you. And I miss you. I miss you so much."
"You're all I can think about that I barely sleep."
I rubbed her back, the pulled away, just enough to see her face.
"Oh, God. Please don't look at me."
But I did.
Her eyes were red and her cheeks were streaked with tears.
My fingers gently brushed them away.
"Don't cry," I mumbled. 
Feeling helpless.
Summ's tears.
Not much could make me panic more.
"I''m not worth all this," I assured her.

"But I love you," she sniffed. "And I know that we...before...but now..."
"What about, you know, the guy?"
And yeah, I knew her boss's name.
But I didn't really want to say it.
She gave me a weak shrug. "All I know is that I love you," her eyes went to the sand as more tears fell. "And you're the one I want to be with. And everyone's leaving and I don't want 'you' to go. I don't want to feel like I've lost you for good."
"You haven't lost me," I scoffed at the crazy thought. "If you ever need me, you know I'd leave wherever I was to come help you..."
Same with Chrissy.
And even Matt.
The same with any of my friends.
"I wish..." she sighed. "I just wish you'd say you love me, too."
"God, Summ," I cupped her face, her eyes now on mine again. "I 'do' love you. And I'll always love you. We've been through a lot and no one will ever have what we had. But..."
I didn't know how to say the rest of it.
There was no easy way to break it to her.
Not without hurting her any more than I already had.
She figured it out, though.
She easily read my expression as my hands slipped from her face.

"There's somebody else," she nodded.
Slowly understanding.
"Yeah," I admitted. "Well, no. I'm not sure. Maybe. I...I honestly don't really know if it's anything yet."
But it might be.
Laughing bitterly though her tears, Summ wiped them away now.
"Of course."
"I'm so stupid. I should've known."
"Good luck with your maybe, Aidan."

Without another word, I reached for her again.
And she let me hold her just for a few moments.
I felt her tears fall against my neck.
And it killed me.
I thought we'd both moved on.
But no.
We were right back to me hurting her.
"I can't, she pushed me away roughly. "I can't be here. You can't hold me. It's just too much."
I watched her storm up to the house - ignoring me when I called her name.
Looking around, I realized that the beach was practically deserted. 
The music had stopped again. 
And I stood in the middle of the sand not knowing where to turn.


I collapsed into bed exhausted.
My body feeling heavy and worn.
Though I tried hard to shut them out, Aidan's words replayed over and over in my mind.
A part of me wanted to be angry at him.
But I couldn't be.
He was single, I wasn't.
And I knew that he had every right to his maybe girl.
Whoever she might be.

But I couldn't seem to make my heart understand any of that.

Before I could drift, someone knocked softly on the door.
Chloe came in, closing it behind her, still barefoot, still smiling.
And someone had pinned flowers in her hair.
Without a word, she slipped into bed beside me.
"Aren't you supposed to be doing crazy sex stuff with your new husband?" I wondered, my voice sounding raspy and sad.
"Well," Chlo sighed. "I'm exhausted. And Ev's downstairs having an impromptu jam session with his friends. So, it could be a while."
"I swear, they think they're Mumford & Sons," she grinned. "Besides. We did the crazy sex stuff all last night."
"And a little this morning."
Chloe laughed.
And I tried to.

"Just wanted to make sure you were alright," her voice was gentle as she searched my face. "I saw you talking to Aidan. I guess things didn't go well."
I sighed but I told her everything.
The short version at least.
That I said I still loved him and that he said there was someone else.
"I'm so embarrassed," I confessed. "I feel so stupid.'
"Don't," Chlo reached out to stroke my hair. "It's never stupid to tell someone how you feel. What you did was really brave."
"Who is she?"
Was it Ashley?
Had they finally gotten serious and made it official?
"No idea. I haven't heard anything about a new girl."
"God," I groaned. "What am I going to do now?"
I asked because surely Chloe would know.
She was four years older and and a millions years wiser.
She wouldn't lead me wrong.

"Well, now, there's only one thing you can do."
"Go to sleep," she whispered.
And she stayed close to me until I did.


I'd found beer.
It was organic and had been locally brewed in Brooklyn but three bottles in and it was finally starting to do it's job.
Though I was on my way to feeling slightly buzzed, the alcohol hadn't yet managed to wash away the memory of the last few moments.
But I was still trying.

Barefoot, I took a seat on the sand.
I'd taken off my jacket and the tie that had given Tatum so much stress and tossed them both aside.
The beach was actually abandoned now.
Rachel, Pierce and Summer had already gone up to bed.
And slowly, cars were pulling away from the house.
Heading to nearby hotels or back to the city.
I knew that I needed to be leaving soon too.
Especially since there was no reason to stay.
Besides, I had an early morning flight and Trish would have throw a fit if I missed it.

"There you are," Chrissy said, taking a seat beside me. "I thought you'd already left."
"I should," I nodded. "But I just...is Summ okay?"
"Oh, Summ's fine," she waved her hand dismissively. "She's sleeping now."
"S.hit, she's so mad at me."
"She's 'fine'. It's been a crazy day," she reasoned. "And you know our girl's not the best with change."
We sat for a while, just listening to the waves.
My guilty feelings, it seemed, grew best in the quiet.

"Are you okay?" Chris asked me.
"Yeah," I assured her. "Are 'you' okay?"
"I'm definitely okay."
"So...we're both okay?"
"I think so."
I laughed weakly as Chrissy nudged her shoulder with mine.
"When are you coming to visit me?" I wanted to know.
"Wow, Riley," Chris laughed. "You really 'do' miss me, huh?"
"Well, yeah," I admitted easily. "But it's not just that. Doug keeps asking."
And it was driving me insane.
"What? The kid that bit me?"
"Why can't you let that go?"
She rubbed her arm as if it were still sore. "I still have the scar."
"Chris, there's nothing there..."
"It is. You just can't see it because it's so dark."
I struggled not to roll my eyes.
"Just tell me when you're flying out."
"Soon," she promised. "Now you tell me...is Doug cute?"
I frowned.
"If you think that I'm going to sit here and tell you that I think another guy is 'cute', you're crazy, Schuller."
"God," Chrissy laughed hysterically. "I miss you, too, you weirdo."

//AIDAN// ~~~~~~ *Summer*
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