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Imagine your boyfriend Justin Bieber had just come back from his 2 year world tour and he had an interview with Ellen on "The Ellen Show". He didn't know you were coming but Ellen did cause it was her idea 

Ellen: so justin you just came back from your how was it 

Justin: it was amazing, I got to see all my fans all around the world and the country's were just great to see 

Ellen: so did you get up to anything 

Justin: we did a three free shows for some of the kids there that couldn't afford the tickets.. Most of them it was there first time and that was really nice to see them smiling and everything 

Crowd: aww

Ellen: did you miss anyone in particular 

Justin: I missed everyone my family mum my brothers and sister, when I'm actually finished with this interview I get a 2 month break so that's really nice 

Ellen: anyone else...

Justin: aww your gonna make me say Y/N name 

Ellen: yes 

Crowd: *Laughs* 

Justin: yeas I Missed Y/N very much, we kept in touch so that was cool.

Ellen: well justin since your back we wanted to surprise you with something 

Justin: really

Ellen: yea, put this blind fold on 

Justin: ok..wait Is Y/N here 

Ellen: PFT yea right 

Crowd: hahahhaha

Justin put on the blind fold and Ellen tightened it so he couldn't peek 

Ellen: can you see anything 

Justin: no it's completely black in here 

Ellen: haha ok, now come up out your chair and follow me 

Justin: where are you 

Ellen: I'm here, ok right here 

Justin: ok. 

Ellen came to get you and he heard little foot steps which were yours. You came up to him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips he knew they were your lips so he kept on kissing, the crowed started clapping and shouting with love

Ellen: Justin you can take your blind fold off 

Justin: Y/N 

Y/N: hey babe 

Justin: ohh my gosh I missed you so much *he says as he pulled you in fora hug* 

Y/N: so did I 

He pulled you in once more for a kiss 

Ellen: come on you love birds come sit down. 

You went to go sit down and justin let's you sit on his lap

Ellen: so how are you feeling 

Justin: I'm surprised, I missed her 

Ellen: I actually called Y/N and I told her not to tell you 

Justin: that was a great idea 

Ellen&Y/N&The Crowd: hahaha 

Ellen: how are you feeling Y/N

Y/N: I'm really happy he's back, it really felt like forever 

Justin: aww and look she's wearing the locket I gave her before i left, did you put anything in it yet 

Y/N: yea there's a picture of you and I 

Ellen: can we have a look at that 

Y/N: of corse 

Justin helped take the locket off your neck and have it Ellen and the camera man zoomed in 

Ellen: that's really pretty I like it how much did that cost you 

Justin: a lot 

Ellen: haha that's all he's gonna tell us

Justin: yea

Ellen: I hope you two are happy and very excited to spend the next 2 months together 

Justin: ohh yea we will 

Ellen: ahah ok, we'll see you guys next time

Crowd starts to clap

Ellen: after this we have Miley Cyrus on the show, after the break. 

Justin looks at you and smiles then kissed your cheek you smile back at him..

Hope you guys like the story 

This is to all the BELIEBERS out there. I'm one myself so I know haha @brogansweet
@julie9488 @jus-swaggie @swag-is-my-new-bestfriend 

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