Hey I'm back!! :D

Most schools are going to have some awesome field trips this year!.... But these field trips are hardly ever going to be close by. This year, my class is taking a five hour drive to a field trip!! So here's how to beat the boredom:

OO1. Get a bus buddy before the day of the field trip. If you don't, you'll most likely be sitting in the front of the bus with all the teachers, which is super boring! Pick someone to sit next to on the bus, and get towards the back of the bus. Arrange with your other friends what area of the bus your sitting with as well so you'll have more people to talk to.

OO2. When you're getting on the bus, try to sit near the guys. Entertaining and fun. ;)

OO3. Pack a bag filled with snacks. And bring enough to share because the people who didn't bring any snacks will most likely try to steal yours. If you give them some I doubt they'll try to steal more.

OO4. Bring a camera, or a phone/ipod with camera on it. Take some awesome pictures with your friends. Post them on facebook and instagram :D

OO5. Bring some string and make friendship bracelets. It keeps your mind occupied and lasts a while.

OO6. Bring video games like on a phone, ipod, ds, etc. play some multi-player with friends.

OO7. Bring perfume! The bathrooms on the buses are totally nasty.

OO8. Bring a pad of paper and draw with your friends. 

(mini tip: how to play draw something (on paper) :
O1. draw any shape or squiggle you want.
O2. pass it to your friend and have them make it into a drawing.
(ex: if you draw a circle, your friend can make it into a person.)
O3. to make it more interesting, make several squiggles and have them make a whole scene (: )

OO9. Do your friend's hair. Bring bows and such with, and try some really cool braids and updo's. If you bring make up with you, you can give make-ov ers.

O1O. Talk/ flirt with the guys ;)

O11. Text people in the row in front of you.

O12. Prank call someone nearby. Don't let them know it's you! After they hang up, ask "Who were you taking to?" When they tell you about the prankcall, say it must of been (insert name here) , who's sitting at the front of the bus haha.

comments are suggestions? Feel free!
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