Yeaaahh Im gonna be a sophmore! Okay so in my opinion I think sophmore and senior year are probably the two best years in highschool? Freshman year you are just adjusting, sophmore year you're used to it, but junior year is the most stressful. Finally senior year you're leaving!

O 1. still strive for good grades. Now that you are used to your new high school, really try your best in your classes. If your a C student make your goal to get all Bs. If you're a B student try to get A's.

O 2. PSATs. Okay so for my school once you finish geometry you can take the PSATs which are practice for the Sats. This way you can have an idea on what to study for the sats and start preparing early.

O 3. Sports & clubs. Did you really want to tryout for soccer but were too stressed out freshman year? It's not too late! If you are good enough, you will most likely make the team. If not, many schools have club sports. Do a club on whatever your interests are.(:

O 4. Friends. So the good thing about sophmore year is you will probably stay friends with a lot of people from freshman year, but will also have opportunities to make new ones. Just know that your friends might change anytime during high school, but don't take it to heart if that happens. 

O 5. peer pressure. Yup sadly it exists. If your friends give in to peer pressure and trying to get you to do it, make new friends! It will be hard at first, but you will be glad in the end.

That's basically it. Sorry I do not have that much experience since I am going to be a sophomore myself lol. The good thing about being a sophomore is you won't get lost and your used to the school. 
 Hope this helps, it was requested:) If you're an upperclassmen or are going to be an upperclassmen, please comment any tips you have for us incoming sophmores!:)
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