Survivor Art

If you've seen the group announcements lately, you know that this group is being honored with a Gallery of Survivor Art the first week in August. This contest is an opportunity for all to submit their best survivor art sets. For this contest, blood is not a desired element only because it will be viewed by mostly people who are not aware of our struggles. The best sets are ones that have a strong emotional impact and not have a "crowded" look.

Please check my Survivor Masterpieces folder to make sure your set has not already been chosen for the show. Then submit other sets. This is the last opportunity I'll have (other than members sending me PMs with links to their art) to see your works since I don't have time to view everyone's sets.

This will be voting by members for the contest itself. Don't be shy. If your set expresses your inner self, submit it. 10 entries per person. If more than 10 entries are submitted, I'll randomly delete the overflow.

Aside from being voted a winner by your peers, this contest will help me choose the best of the best. It's your turn to shine!

Created by grace2244. Created in Adult Survivors of Abuse. 107 sets from 19 members. Ended 5 years ago.