Survivor Art - 36 Sunday, August 1 - Saturday, August 7

SuZany has been amazingly accommodating in allowing a gallery the first week in August to show my group's best sets of Survivor Art. You won't see gore. You will see amazing expression of emotions. Many survivors in my group know the extremes of emotions. It is true art. I saw a television show the other night where several well known art critics and artists defined great art as something that makes you feel something...reflects the internal world of the artist. And since about 30% of group members suffer and are healing from DID, you will see a world shared with others inside. In my opinion, some of the group's best art is their portrayal of being a multiple. I hope you will visit and gain a deeper understanding of all who are on the path of healing from that place.

Created by suzany. Created in THE GALLERY. 64 sets from 22 members. Ended 6 years ago.