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This collage is arranged in response to an inspiration by old tale of Japan,"Hagoromo legend" .

羽衣=(飛ぶ力を持った衣)によって天から降りてきた天女が、水浴びをしていました。その時に、天女の美しさに心を奪われた男が、天女を天に帰すまいとして、その衣服(羽衣)を隠してしまいます。そのため天女は空へ帰れなくなってしまうという、お話です。"Hagoromo Legend" is such a tale. 
The celestial maiden who has got down from heavens by the robe of feathers,= Hagoromo(clothes with the power which flies) , was bathing herself. 
The man then deprived of the heart by the celestial maiden's beauty hide the clothes (robe of feathers) noting that he will not dismiss a celestial maiden to heavens. It will become impossible therefore, for a celestial maiden to return to heavens. 

ちょっと聖書の"Susannah and the Elders"のお話にも似てませんか?
I think that this talk resembles the talk Biblical "Susannah and the Elders" 

羽衣伝説―"Hagoromo legend"

Bible Story: Susannah and the Elders
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