Addison Wang
the Socialites
Wednesday, April 14th.
Mood: dramatic, suspenseful, ecstatic.
Style: modern rocker chic
With: Darcy, Ryan and Elle
Venue: Luna Park!


"eaaaap! i can't believe we're at Luna Park riding the Wild Mouse!" Ryan squeals delightfully while boarding the coaster attraction, the Wild Mouse with me. "this is so exciting!"

Darcy and Elle take the car behind us, securing themselves into the car. "yeah, if we don't die first, Ry." Darcy states in a joking manner, raising her eyebrows up and down like a wave.

"we're not gonna die." Ryan shrugs laughing nervously. "right, Addi?" she asks, a hint of fear in her voice.

"i dunno. we probably won't die... but this coaster is known for being scary- like--"

"like WILD MOUSE type scary." Elle adds from behind, chuckling. "and when mice get wild... well, mice get wild." she finishes with a wink.

"DUN DUN DUN!!!" i start singing as the ride ascends to the first drop. "WHOO! SYDNEY WE LOVE YOU!!!" i screamed with Elle and Darcy, as Ryan held tight to the car.

with several trailing screams, the ride dropped onto the track, swerving and speeding. Ryan shut her eyes the whole ride. even our Wild-Mouse-Picture on the ride had her eyes shut while everyone's was wide open with smiles. although we all loved the ride, and rode it 3 more times, Ryan had to object.

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had an amazing time with Ellie, Darce, Ry and Vi, who spent most of her time eating cotton caaanndddyyy! xx Addi
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