Name: Sutton Fischer
Nickname: Sutt, Fischer
Age: 16
Element: Fire
Circle: Europa
Song: You’re the Devil in Disguise by Elvis Presley
Word: Beguile
Quote: “The only people you need in your life, are those who need you in theirs.”
Good Qualities: Charming, loyal, determined, funny, inquisitive.
Bad Qualities: Sometimes selfish and deceitful when it comes to people, persuasive, heartbreaker.
Bio: I grew up in Cumberland Foreside, Maine with my mom. My dad took off when I was 8 on account of my mom being a total b-tch. His side is the side with the magic. His sister, Daph, went to Marseille’s, but I never found that out until I got there. I keep in touch with my dad, but it’s that super awkward “How’s school going?” type of conversation. I wish he would have taken me with him because my relationship with my mother has been nothing but insanity. She remarried four years ago and along with her new husband came two step-siblings (douchers, if you will) Drake and Sasha, and a half-brother Luke (he’s 3, so they haven’t gotten to him yet). I was jazzed to find out I got accepted to Marseille’s basically because I was sick of not being appreciated. My mother didn’t need me in her life and I sure as hell didn’t need her in mine.
Likes: red lipstick, enigmatic people, getting something you worked hard for, bracelets, blazing (hey, my element is fire), platforms, cut up tank tops, the colour orange
Dislikes: being sick, napping, laziness, eating outside, shopping with other people
Hobbies: knitting, making bracelets, pilates, yoga
Quirks/Bad Habits: usually late, curses a little too much, tunes people out, she has a habit of making everyone fall in love with her but she’s not the most trustworthy girl around (and it takes time for people to realize that)
Style: Sutton wears whatever strikes her fancy. She’s not really your typical teenage girl because shopping is something she enjoys doing alone. She is one of those people who will lie about where they got something so no one else has it. Growing up, her mother let her dress herself and it just kind of stuck. She’s the kind of person that wears things for her and not anyone else, so to sum up her style would be nothing short of impossible. People usually compliment her on it though.
Model: Hailey Clauson
1. Where are you from and who do you live with when you're not dorming at school (Holidays, breaks, summer)?
Like I said, I’m from Cumberland Foreside in Maine. Ever since I started going there and discovered that my aunt Daphne (Daph for short) went there, we got in touch and I stay with her in the summers and holidays when I’m not at school. Daph is more of parental figure than either of my parents ever have been, not to mention she’s just kickass all around. My mom doesn’t mind. We travel a lot in the summer and she teaches me stuff about magic and life, and mostly I flirt with guys I meet while I’m on holiday.

2. What is your favorite subject at school and why? (see the information collection for the courses the girls will be taking)
Psychology is my favourite subject because I just feel like it’s so interesting to delve into the human mind and understand why it works the way it does.

3. Generally what kind of people are you friends with? (popular, artsy, smart, chill, partiers etc)
I want to say I’m friends with everyone because I have a habit of being a bit of a charmer whether you want to admit it or not. I get under people’s skin, hard to shake, all those kinds of things.

4. How do you feel about the school? Did you want to come or were you forced by your parents?
I love the big M. My mom was too focused with her new family to care about me, so leaving Maine and coming here has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

-out of character-
5. How did you interpret the song, word, and quote and how did you apply it to your character?
I really kind of want to run with the beguile thing. I think Sutton can be such an interesting character because she’s relaxed, self aware and kind of just goes with the flow but has this involuntary charming personality that is so persuasive that it has the potential to be dangerous if she doesn’t use it for good. I interpreted the song in a way that she’s a heartbreaker because of this charming beguile quirk about her. The quote has to do with her family – she’s well adjusted because of this. She doesn’t need anyone in her life that doesn’t need her and that’s why she’s not so affected by the departure of her father and her mother remarrying and starting this new life. 
Top Three Characters:
1. Sutton Fischer
2. Dawn Evans
3. Lux Clarke
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