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Chris Pine’s name is subject to change. In fact it probably WILL change. Suggestions? These three scenes are really disjointed and Chris Pine is in it less than I wanted. OOPS.

Verity Jones; May 25

“Hey Verity.” Hunter crowed in that voice he used when he wanted something, “I have a gig tonight.”

“Good for you.” I commented mildly, not even bothering to look up from my laptop. 3 years ago it would have been big news, now it was a more than weekly occurrence. He’d been to London to work on his album for christ sake. Which really meant he wanted something from me. I was pretty sure what it was.

“You should come.” He was clearly testing the waters as he jumped over the back of the couch to land next to me.

“Sorry, I have better things to do.” I glanced at him for a second before returning my attention to scrolling through the movies on my laptop.

“Like what?” He asked manoeuvring himself so his head was on my thigh, which also served to unbalance the laptop in the process. Dick.

“I was planning on watching Star Trek.” I sighed, setting the computer down on the coffee table so it didn’t get broken, “Chris Pine is very pretty.” I added, tapping against the side of his face with my palm.

“But we haven’t sung together in ages.” Hunter pouts.

“We sung together in England all the time.” I pointed out innocently. I knew exactly what he was trying to get at but he needed to be assertive and ask. Also Star Trek was more tempting at this point.

“Not proper performing singing. There’s a total difference.” Silly boy still hasn’t asked.

“There is. But Star Trek is very important.” It was getting harder to keep a straight face so I focused on running my fingers through his hair. It was such a weird texture, smooth and soft but very stiff. 

“Verity,” He gave a long suffering sigh like I was being unreasonable when he hadn’t even asked me yet, “Will you come and sing with me at my gig tonight if In return I take you to see the new Star Trek movie tomorrow.”

“Course I will.” I smiled innocently, really I didn’t even need the offer of the movie but who would I be to turn it down? I leant down to kiss his forehead before pushing him unceremoniously, “Now what do I need to wear?” 


“Verity.” Nick greeted as me and Hunter walked to the backstagish area in the club, “What a pleasure.” 

“Nick. I sure am.” I grinned cheekily, walking forward to give him a hug.

“Guys,” Hunter called to the band members scattered around, “Change of plans. Tonight we’ll be doing the Verity set.” It still made me giggle that he had a separate set for when I performed with him.

“We’ll make a star of you yet.” Nick pulled gently on my ear lobe. Which was weird but he did it an awful lot, “Just you wait and see.”

“Keep on dreaming.” I rolled my eyes, shrugging out of his grasp and walking over to Hunter.

“For every time Nick tries to convince me to sign a record deal tonight you have to watch an episode of Star Trek with me.” I muttered to Hunter, slipping an arm around his waist so I could stand close with no one hearing us.

“What if you don’t like it?” He asked, which was a fair question because I’d never actually seen it. I was just basing my want to see it off Chris Pine Star Trek, “Then you get off scott free.”

“Alright.” He muttered back, squeezing my shoulder, “Deal.”


The show was pretty successful, if I do say so myself. Honestly when I was younger I’d considered maybe I’d accept a record deal if it was with Hunter, but he’d been so insistent that he’d find success on his own terms, with no one’s help I’d never brought it up.

Still I loved singing with Hunter more than almost anything else in life.

Whilst Hunter hung around with some of his groupie’s, I was feeling indulgent enough to let him have his moment, I made my way through to the actual bar and ordered a beer.

Unfortunately mere seconds after it had been placed in front of me Nick had taken it and drunk half of it, draped across my shoulders. “Nick, what are you doing?” I grumbled.

“Just a heads up the guy headed your way is Cooper Williams.” He said, right in my ear. Sober Nick was enough of a handful, let alone Drunk Nick. I looked up at the guy he was gesturing to and damn he was attractive. Still definitely drunk and probably an ass.

“Who?” I asked, flagging down the bartender to get another drunk, I’d earned it.

“David Williams son.” Nick’s grin was smug for no apparent reason. Simply because he was a difficult human being.

“Oh.” I sighed, rubbing at my temple.

“If he’s anything like his daddy he’ll try to sign you and get into your pants.” Nick finished the beer off with an awful noise before slamming the empty glass onto the bar top.

“David Williams has never tried to get into my pants.” I told him matter of factly.

“Huh,” Nick shrugged thoughtfully, “Must just be me then.” He said before wandering off into the crowd.

“You’re an amazing singer.” Cooper Williams was suddenly there, in the seat next to me that I could swear had been occupied by an overweight gentleman a second ago.

“Thank you.” I hid a smirk into the beer that had finally appeared, and no one was going to take it this time.

“What if I told you I could offer you a record deal?” He asked, words slurred. How was that attractive? I never understood. Probably because most girls were drunker than the guys trying to pull it would be my guess.

“I’d say it hasn’t worked for your daddy so what makes you think it’s going to work for you.” I rolled my eyes, trying to finish 

He looked momentarily surprised, probably that I knew his dad, but sadly recovered way to quickly. “Because I’m more good-looking and charming than him.” This guy probably needed to read flirting 101. Though on second thoughts maybe that was exactly what he had done.

“I’ll give you the first one.” I shrugged, downing my beer, “See you round Cooper.” I winked, sliding off my stool before wandering off to find Hunter.

That was more than enough excitement for one night.
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Wrote three years ago
love this!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Loved! Seriously. <3


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