I tried to copy @sophiaspastic's amazing set ( and kinda sorta completely and utterly butchered it. :P

On a side note, i also reached the 50 items limit and I'm strangely proud of myself for that.

I think I've just watched her for about two hours straight now.

Send help.

What is earth.

Haha, I love Bunny. I love her style, I love her sass, I love her DGAF attitude to haters.

And I really want to buy some of her buttons. Like...these are things I need in my life. But, ya know. Money. :P

Also I want to meet her SO BAD. I almost did too. Story tiiime! Haha, I have been watching too much of her lately... xD

It was over a weekend last month or something and my mom and I went down to that Pasadena mall area around the convention center because there was a Macy's that was going out of business (the saddest looking Macy's ever...tumbleweeds and organ music would've totally fit, I swear), and she was finally in L.A. for the first time and she was strolling with her friend to IMATS, which was apparently there at the same time in the same place we were (but us being us we had no idea). And I saw her big ol' Jeffery Campbell Litas and her huge black hat and striped hair as we were leaving the parking structure in the car and pretty much just freaked out. I kept going, "I THINK THAT'S BUNNY. THAT'S TOTALLY GRAV3YARDGIRL. THAT'S BUNNY, MOM. BUUUUNNNNYYYY."

Mom was just like, "...okay. That's nice. I'm still not stopping the car." 

And it was right after I had been shopping in the Pasadena Antiques Mall in that area and had totally thought, "Wow. Bunny would love this place." It felt like fate. But alas, cruel world. it didn't work out. :P

But I can still watch her videos. And everything will be alright, haha. My friend and I have been freaking about a bit over Sadies lately (well...she has. I've been trying to not let either of us totally lose it. And failing it.), so I got into some conversation about me telling her in a Jeff Bridges voice to calm down and do some yoga, so now when either of us is freaking out, I just go, "BREATHE. JEFF BRIDGES. YOGA."

...seriously, what is my life? Haha xD

Here is some music too. It's Purity Ring, which I've been rocking out to and who is one of Bunny's favourite artists as well (she's got fantastic taste in music...just look: -"Lofticries" by Purity Ring

Um. Yeah. I guess I'm done. I need to finish writing an interview for my stupid senior research paper (I REALLY don't want to do No. I haven't hated doing anything more than this in a long, long time). And I can't really make sense of the world anymore. So that's probably not a good thing, haha. Night. xD
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