I made this set a while back and saved it in my drafts. it was supposed to be for the competition but i have been so busy and i wasnt on for a while and the contest ended so im just gonna publish it anyway :) 

This is for: @fashion-forever and @kylematthewattard 

Thank you for the lovely sets you made me! Hope you like this! 


I was tagged by @firecracker8

Here is a challenge - "This or That?" - answer the 20 fashion-related questions below truthfully so we can know more about your sense of style and your preferences!
1) Capes or trench coats? - Trench coats
2) Heels or boots? - Boots :)
3) Stripes or animal prints? - Stripes
4) Handbags or clutches? - Handbags
5) Sleeveless tops or blouses? - Tops
6) Cardigans or jackets? - Cardigans
7) Belts or scarves? - Scarves :)
8) Dresses or top+skirts? - Dresses
9) Trousers/pants or skirts? - Skirts
10) Nerd glasses or sunglasses? - Sunglasses
11) Lip gloss or lipstick? - lip gloss :)
12) Mascara or fake lashes? - Mascara
13) Eye liner or eye shadow? - Eye shadow
14) Hair tied up or hair down? - Down
15) Buns or plaits?-Plaits
16) Gold or silver? - Gold
17) Neon colors or pale colors? - Neon
18) Black or white? - Black
19) Purple or red? - Purple
20) No fashion or die? - ?

Anyone can take on the tag if they want!
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