name; Gwen Stonem
age; 22
bio; Gwen is one of the younger girls and this is her first trip. Not that she isn't ready with her piercing eyes and swollen lips she is sure to suceed in her quest. There is just one problem. Gwen is one of those girls that does what she wants when she wants no matter what any one thinks or does. And she is extremely detirmined to fail to find a male suitor. Gwen has no wishes to have babies at her young age. Nor does she want to fall in love with someone then kill them. So she has decided just to skip it. Maybe next time. But what she doesn't realize is that whether she likes it or not love might just have a way of finding her
style; cutoffs, floral, platforms, boho chic
model; changed to Barbara Palvin
taken by;

Top 3:
o1. Gwen Stonem
o2. Ursula Bitten
o3. Serena Riversong


The waves crashed and fell in such a melodic rhythm that it is a wonder I found myself still awake. The tribe swam tirelessly around me, and I watched as my sisters chatted about love and legend. I for one, had no such interest. The time for the breeding of our kind was coming, and it was all the girls could talk about. Well, except for those whose hearts were already stolen. I wished nothing but to swim for all eternity, to see the world; to turn my dreams into reality. I was not ready to mate, especially not just to breed for my kind. 

I pushed the thought out of my mind. I was forced to go to shore, to mate and then to kill. I could only hope to fail so I could enjoy my life, before I had to raise my next generation.

I sighed and turned to look up at the stars. Sometimes I wished I would fall in love, just so I wouldn't be alone, so I had something to bring up to the tribe. I could gossip and chat with the other girls about harmless things, such as hair and makeup. I could have someone to rely on, someone to call my own. But other times, I figure being alone is best. You can't get hurt that way, especially if its something, or someone, you can't control.
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