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Name: Mallory Kirsten Fielding
Age: 18
Based on: Kim Possible
Believer or non-believer: Undecided (at first)
Likes (at least 6): Cargo pants, cheerleading, winning, her best friend, looking pretty, heels, weapons, being underestimated
Dislikes (at least 6): Monkeys, bright green, Bonnie, naked mole rats, when things don't work, her crummy cell phone, the way only one iPod earbud fits
Occupation (if applicable): Student 
Personality: Popular, likable, sassy, has good come-backs, sometimes disappears for no reason
Bio: Mallory grew up with two scientists for parents, so it's no wonder that she's a smart girl. She's not too obvious about it, though. One of the more popular girls at her school, she's always competing for the best spot in the cheerleading squad with her nemesis, Bonnie. But recently, Mal's been doing things that don't seem right to her - should she really have been able to rip the door off her locker? She can blame it on muscle spasms and puberty or whatever, but it's obviously something a little different. What's happening to her, really?
Relationship status: Single; loves flirting
Model: Karen Gillan
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I skid into school nearly late. The bell's just about to ring as I dash over to my locker.

"Shoot," I mutter. It's not that I make a habit of being late. It's just that Mom and Dad were working in the lab today, and they both took the cars, leaving me stranded and without transportation. 

I twirl the lock on my locker around, but for some reason, my brain's chosen today to forget the combination. Fantastic. Time's running out; I'm basically screwed.

"Come on!" I yell, tugging at the locker door. It rips off in my hand, and I stand, staring at it, wondering how that happened.

I'll think about it later. But right now, I have to get to class. As I dash by, books in hand, the janitor gives me a puzzled look. "Want me to take care of your locker for you?"

"Please and thank you!" I yell back, skidding into the classroom as the bell rings.

"Welcome to class, Miss Fielding. I wasn't expecting to see you here today. You were running out of time." Mrs. Larson frowns at me.

I pant as I slide into my seat. "No big; I just had to walk here."

Next to me, Jack looks over. "Cutting it kinda close, huh, MK?" He doesn't always call me by my full name. I think it might be to piss me off, but whatever.

"Shut /up/," I reply. "Seriously, Jack. Shut up!"

He laughs. "Have you read that new book all the populars are loving yet?"

"Ew, god no. I have no time for homework right now! I have to babysit the twins, beat Bonnie for flyer on the cheer squad..."

Jack pulls the book out of his backpack. "I mean, just LOOK at it. It's horrible." It sits there like a bomb. Jack hands it to me.

I pull it open to a random excerpt, trying not to freak out as I read. But it's FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. It's not easy. Finally, I find the perfect excerpt, highlight it, and hand the book back to Jack.

Jack reads it, his face contorting. "EWWW," he says. "MK! That is /sick/ and /wrong/."

"That," I reply, "is your book."

"I do /not/ want this book. Note serious face. Take it back."

"Fine, then!" Mrs. Larson is standing over us. "Miss Fielding, please hand over your book."

I blush.

As soon as she's gone, Jack leans over. "She thinks it's yours. Booyah!"

"I'm actually going to punch you now," I tell him.

He grins.


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Top Four:

1. Kim Possible
2. Anastasia
3. Uh is Romeo and Juliet a valid thing because I might have to rethink my audition
4. Oh god what if I have to redo this
5. Danny Sinclair
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