Hey guys :) How's it going? I miss chatting with you guys :( But I've definitely caught up on my polyvore and I can handle my time and stress better now. The title of this collection is from the song Sweater Weather by the Neighborhood. Its pretty old actually, I think it's from 2012, but I'm into it again :) It's catchy!
Anyways, feel free to raid :) just if you're going to like the items in the collection, please like the overall collection as well :)
Comment what you'll be doing over Thanksgiving weekend, and if you live outside the US what you'll be doing this weekend. :)
Peace, Adina <3

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Wrote one year ago
@pamelagonzales thank you! Awwww I'm sorry :( but that's cool that your dad is getting you books :) what kind of books do you like?

Wrote one year ago
Lovely collection!
i'll spend my whole weekend studying :(
But at least my Father said he would buy me some books because of the black friday

Wrote one year ago
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