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✿ vital stats ✿
name ; GRACEEE
nicknames ; grace bass, gracetaphor grake. 
birthday ; February 8th
place of birth ; North Dakota
star sign ; I HAVE NO IDEA! oops I'm really stupid
occupation ; professional eater.

✿ appearance ✿
hair colour ; red with blonde!!:)
hair length ; um I have curly hair so at my shoulders, but when it's straight a wee bit past my shoulders
eye colour ; sometimes dark blue sometimes light blue idk.. one of my friends say I have plastic eyes:)
best feature ; IDKKK. ANNIKA YOU TELL ME!!!
braces ; no, BUT I WANT THEM! I don't even need them but they look so cool.
piercings ; I had them in my ears but then my sister pulled them out when we were little.
tattoos ; no but I really want one of those heart tattoos with "mom" written in it.
righty or lefty ; rightyyyy

✿ firsts ✿
best friend ; Kendra Franck
award ; umm. I got a ribbon in like first grade for being the fastest girl in class to run the mile
sport ; soccer
real holiday ; um. um. um. I have no idea. I have a bad memory.
concert ; train

✿ favorites ✿
film ; mean girls, something borrowed, bridesmaids, pitch perfect, clueless.
tv show ; glee. can we just take a moment to appreciate how perfect this show is? I love it so much and now it's gonna be so depressing because cory is dead and I want to cry in a corner.
color ; I like turquoise and NEON colors LIKE HOGHLIGHTERS
song ; let her go by passenger. 
restaurant ; um. I fucking love food. so I'm panera, bubba bump, red lobster, subway, noodles and company, etc. etc. does Starbucks count as a restaurant?
book ; the fault in our stars, looking for Alaska, 13 reasons why, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson. Even though I thought they were the same person and he was just bipolar or had a multiple personality disorder because I thought he was gay one chapter and straight the next. Even thought had to google what was happening it was a really good book!
magazine ; um I don't really read magazines. I just like looking at the posters in them.
shoes ; oh my god. I swear to god I own 20 pairs of shoes. My favorites are probably my sparkly toms, my red toms, my sperrys, my vans, my flip flops and my uggs even though my friend has had them for about a year. (I don't even wear all those shoes all the time, oops.)

✿ currently ✿
feeling ; tired and hating school. Other than that happyyyy:)
single or taken ; singleeee,
eating ; frosted animal crackers. holy sh!t those are amazing.
listening to ; sweater weather
thinking about ; life. a very deep subject.
watching ; my brother play is retarded video game with his friend.
wearing ; Hollister jeans and Annika's sweater and purple underwear with a dog on my asssss.

✿ future ✿
want children ; no. only adopted children.
want to be married ; yeahh.
careers in mind ; a stripper. jk, I wanna be a lawyer.
where do you want to live ; California, on the beach

✿ do you believe in ... ✿
god ; yeahh
miracles ; YES
love at first sight ; yeah but no at the same time. you any really judge someone by their looks but you also kind of just.. Click, when you first see them. You know something's different.
ghosts ; yes
aliens ; my friend Katie's and alien. 
soul mates ; is the sky blue?
heaven ; YESSS
hell ; YEP
kissing on the first date ; ya
yourself ; most part yeah, how is everyone else going to believe in me if I don't believe in myself?

so you could say I believe in a lot of things. IM A BELIEVER! isn't that a song from shreck?

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