what? another bloggy thingy? yup.
feel free to read if you'd like to know about my week these past few days.

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sooo, let's see...what've i been up this week? well, if you can't tell by this set, i've been to a /few/ red sox games. three to be exact since monday. and it's been great. sort of.

i mean, my boyfriend's father is like /really/ in with the sox, so he gets pretty good seats, so we ended up going for opening day at fenway against the orioles and then two times after that. the first game was great (we won!) the other two? yeah..let's not go there. i can't bare another loss. (ps: sox, sincerely get your sh-t together)

but i did get to see my lovely pedroia (who i will someday marry, lets be honest ;D) and fenway franks were 2 for $5. if you've never eaten a fenway frank, you're severely missing out, man. also, beers were 2 for $8. whaaaa?

other than 3 sox games in a week, life has been average. more studying for labs and such. more work at the hospital. and more exams. oh, and rain. it's been raining like a mofo in boston today, and it was like 70 degrees on tuesday.

i just don't understand new england weather.

i also have no classes on monday because it's patriot's day--which is pretty much a boston-only holiday were all classes are cancelled for the boston marathon.

speaking of the marathon, my boyfriend is running it. i was supposed to as well, but i haven't been able to train as much with school and all. but regardless, marathon monday is CRAZY FUN. and also a b-tch to go anywhere in the city, but still. marathons are fun and so is cheering.

and finally, tonight i just lounged around the apartment, did some cleaning, and booked an appointment for a spa treatment on newbury st. for tomorrow because gosh darnit, i deserve a pampering day before finals arrive.

phew. so that's been my week. how's yours?
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