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les assassins d'art

les assassins d'art

This group is for all you amazing artists out there on Polyvore. For all you assassins of art! I want you to express your creativity and give me sets showing how you dominate the mastery of art. **ART SETS ONLY** (weekly contests)
Support the campaign "BE ORIGINAL" do not copy sets of other members (copy this message to your page to support

Art Whispers (ART)

Art Whispers (ART)

This is an ART ONLY group for those who have the whispers of art in their heart and soul. Or maybe they really are not whispers but explosions. I encourage members to dig deep within and bring out that art in my group.
Come and join my other groups ;-)
Totally Fantasy
Wind Beneath My Wings
Art Whispers
Enjoy and above all have fun!
This group was adopted by jeannierose 11-14-16
Not responsible for contests or graphics in contests before this date.

♡ ♡  ☾☾Strange and Effervescent

♡ ♡ ☾☾Strange and Effervescent

All fashions welcome- punk, diesel punk, mori girl, Strega, any type of goth, larme kei, lolita, steampunk, decora, fairy kei, dolly kei, otome, decora, Yama girl. Anything new, morbid, pretty, and weird you find can go here :)
Be careful posting mainstream fashion sets here, unless they're extraordinary in some way.

Art Art Art

Art Art Art

This is an art based group with no fashion ! Can enter anything, but specifically sets based around films, books, music and people.Yet scenery and abstract are more than welcome!
I want to do regular contests as well so that should be fun.

ARTistic Tales

ARTistic Tales

ARTistic Tales is a group for anything that tells a story. You may use fashion to help set your theme, however, lets see your art expression with books, journals, your own creativity in writing, quotes or other tales by other authors. Faerie Tales are certainly welcome! Most of us are inspired by the written word, let's see how you get inspired by it! I am a writer and a poet, but you do not have to use poetry, you can insert other writings, quotes, epics, etc into the description of your sets. We won't always require writing, but we do prefer if you use some sort of writing or quote (poetry if you wish) along with your set. Most of all, let your mind wonder. Use Your Imagination! Be free to speak out whether it be in your words or others. All we ask is for you to refrain from profanity, racial remarks, and discouraging others. We are here to ENCOURAGE one another. Thank you for joining! @nonniekiss & @dreamweevs

The Artist's Loft: http://www.polyvore.com/artists_loft/group.show?id=172380
Crazy Mommy Express:
Gentlemen's Club (Polyvore Men):
Seasons Change (A Group for All):
Polyvore Creative (Favorite Sets of the Week):

♥Polly-Dolls♥: http://www.polyvore.com/poly-dolls/group.show?id=187294
The Fashion Closet: http://www.polyvore.com/fashion_closet/group.show?id=145993
My Fashion Therapy: http://www.polyvore.com/my_fashion_therapy/group.show?id=147495
Wear It (Outfit Only): http://www.polyvore.com/wear_it_outfit_only/group.show?id=135766
The Playground @ Polyvore! (A place for the kid in you!) http://www.polyvore.com/playground_place_for_kids/group.show?id=185604

Furred, Finned, & Feathered Friends: http://www.polyvore.com/furred_finned_feathered_friends/group.show?id=170498

Creative Sets: http://www.polyvore.com/creative_sets/group.show?id=161733
If you want to keep up with contest(s), just check your contest tab: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/contest.browse?filter=groups
#whimsical #fairy #fairytale #art #fairies


Cozy Casual

Cozy Casual

323 sets from 133 members. Ended 11 days ago.
Show me your relaxing, cozy, lazy days sets! ♥

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