sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

full name : natalia huntington
nicknames : nat
age: 15
place of birth : california, usa
detailed biography : natalia was born on a beautiful summers morning - the 22nd of july to be exact. she had those sharp piercing eyes and white blonde tufts of hair that drew in all of the midwifes and most importantly friends and family. so, from a baby natalia has had everyone wrapped around her little finger.
she grew up on a huge estate with her mother, father and two older brothers. being the youngest meant that she was usually the main centre of attention which nat absolutely adored. both of her brothers are very protective of her especially as she's always been a charmer.
natalia attended private schools, as did her brothers, and was always in charge of her friendship group. maddy, chloe and lexi have been her best friends since kindergarten. they did everything together and ended up with an intimidating reputation at the start of high school, no one dared to question them, if they did they'd be asking for a free pass to social suicide.
everything was perfect with their lives until the day of the crash. jamie was nat's long term boyfriend, they'd been on and off since probably kindergarten {their parents were business partners so they were together all of the time}. anyway, they'd all been to a party and jamie persuaded them {n, l, m and c} that he was sober enough to drive them back to nats house, but he was so so wrong. it was the dead of night, nat was in the front next to jamie and the other three were in the back. cut a long story short they had a head on collision and sadly lexi was killed.
this tor the friendship apart, it destroyed their lives. nat has always blamed jamie for the crash, but non of the remaining fur were found guilty of anything, of course their parents money had something to do with this.
everyone at school blamed each of them for the death, nats life and reputation was over and worst of all, she'd lost her best friend. at first people were sympathetic, but then the whirlwind of rumours started. this is why she's been sent to jackson, away from her old school, her parents just want to protect her.
family :
angelina huntington - mother { doesn't work, but has shares in the country club and husbands businesses }
marcus huntington - father { owner of country club and business man }
danny huntington - brother (17) { student }
mike huntington - brother ( 16 ) { student }
personality : natalia used to be the intelligent, confident and fun girl that everyone wants to know or be, but since the accident, she's still everything she was before, but now she's cold hearted, mean and a complete bítch. she's never been afraid to speak her mind or put people in their place but to her friends or people she likes she can be the bestest of friends. she's trustworthy, loyal and protective over the people she loves and won't take any nonsense from anyone.
likes : queen b(eyoncé), victorias secret, red lipstick, starbucks, six packs, tanning, make up, money, partying, gowns, pink, glitter, boys, marc jacobs, expensive things, pool parties, cheer, rihanna, dance, mean girls, strawberry and banana smoothies, gymnastics, alcohol, social events, big pieces of jewellery.
dislikes : oranges, goody two shoes, wannabes, tacky people, juicy couture, cheap things, rain, cold weather, fatty foods, cats, spiders, mud, insects as a whole, knee high boots, boring people
future aspirations : natalia wants to either make something of herself, be famous and earn lots of money.
drama ideas for your charrie : natalia is going to cause a lil' drama.
secret : well of course, it's that she, along with chloe and maddy, know that it was jamies fault the accident happened. but of course, unless she wants to ruin the family's name she can't tell anyone.
theme song : beyoncé - bow down / i been on
active level : 8.5
additional comments : n/a

two comments

Wrote three years ago
no way maaaan
okay she's now a cali girl

Wrote three years ago
she gotta be from the usa, yo
but you can be an exception since i hail from italia muahahah


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