Today was just another day in Kitty Hawk, and I was just another guy- sitting out on my porch. I had settled into a pretty regular routine these days.
Wake up.
Mix beats.
Watch tv.
People watch.
Usually, by the people watching stage it was the afternoon. Which meant my mom would be swinging by to drop off Kyren, my little sister pretty soon. I had gotten used to this house. The place was right on the beach, and it was pretty big (four bedrooms, fully functional basement, 3 1/2 bathrooms, you get the idea). And I lived on a street where people felt it necessary to stop by all the time.
I sat in the wooden swing on our front porch, listening to my iPod. Chiddy Bang had just dropped a new single with some sick lyrics that I had gotten really into. After Open Mic Night, people around here finally had a chance to experience my artistry. It had gone pretty well, and folks had stopped me ever since.
"Hey JJ." I looked up and noticed that Felicity had pulled her car into my driveway. She had stopped by the other day inviting me to hang out, but I said no. As usual.
"Well, I'm going to Sweet Hannah's- the bakery that just opened up. Want to come with?" She asked.
I looked down at my phone to check the time. Looked like I didn't have anything better to do, but I still wasn't sure.
"I don't know man..." 
"Well if you come with me I guarantee I will not ditch you." She held her hands up as if saying scout's honor.
I shrugged my shoulders. "Well, I guess."
"That's enough for me." She took my hand and dragged me to her car. It still had the temporary plates on it, so I knew it must be new.
"This is my Benz. She is very delicate so please be nice to her, okay?" Rich chicks and their cars.
She pressed the start button and reversed. I had seen this car when I went to go pick out my Range Rover (resting safe and sound in the three-car garage). We basically discussed the car for the length of the trip, and at Sweet Hannah's I went in. The dude, Bo, who had performed after me at Open Mic Night was sitting with a couple other people. One of his friends got up to say hey that I had met at the party the other day.
"JJ! Can't believe you made it out. This one is pretty persuasive, huh?" The guy smiled and Felicity piped up.
"Shut up, Grayson!" She laughed.
"JJ, man, we need to do a collab pretty soon! You were sick the other night, dude. I didn't get the chance to tell you." Bo stood up and we shook up.
"Oh thanks, man. You were good too. I'm down for that whenever."
We got some ice cream and sat around talking for a while. And it was one of the best times I'd had in Kitty Hawk yet.

-jj brown.
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Wrote 5 years ago
i am in love with your sets!



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