The sweet life of Princess Beatrice (MB)

❖ Beatrice Blanche Victoria
age: 21
from: london, england
status: princess of york, daughter to the duke of york
Beatrice is cousin to Margaret, Louis' intended fiance. She is also third in line to the English throne. While she and Margaret grew up together, and are always by one another's side; they could not be more different. Beatrice is always used to getting her way, and being the head diva. If there is to be a split in the wedding court, you can bet Beatrice will be the cause. Somewhat jealous of all the buzz around her sweet cousin, however she would never let it show. Its a wonder how Margaret manages to put up with Beatrice, guess it is her kind nature. It will be interesting to see how she and Marie mix, considering the two are both A type personalities.
model: ymre stiekema

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Wrote two years ago
Fab pic's thank you for sharing :))))xxxx


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