Sweetest Gifts (sets for me)

The thought, creativity and effort put into these sets means so much to me. I truly appreciate them.
  • Mele Kalikimaka Everyone!
    "from: doozer..... super sweet and cute, relaxing and beachy gift set from the fabulous Doozer!!" — @buttercup08
  • Blogger Style : fashionvibe-blog [ For Friends I ]
    "from: misssophie..... gorgeous set, love all the winter whites! awesome gift from a super talented polyfriend!" — @buttercup08
  • Merry Christmas My Friends!!!!!! (womantoanother.com)
    "from: modestyfashions...... full of pretty, shiny things! A lovely gift from a wonderful polyfriend!!!" — @buttercup08
  • For my friends: №2
    "from: akatonbo..... so inviting, so warm, so nice!! A great holiday gift from a super talented polyfriend!" — @buttercup08
  • Believe in Magic!
    "from: ts-alex..... super cute and sweet set from a talented polyfriend. Perfect for a little fun in the snow!" — @buttercup08
  • On her first rebellious act.
    "from: achie..... fabulous style, would love to wear this outfit! great gift set from a wonderful polyfriend!" — @buttercup08
  • For All My Polyfriendsss!
    "from: noviii..........beautiful holiday gift set from a super talented polyfriend!!" — @buttercup08
  • Pepto-Bismol / Polypal
    "from: prilsplace..... excellent!!! everything I like in this wonderful gift set from my truly great Polyfriend!!!!!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Paris Chic.2 for My Couture Luxe and Brilliant polyfriends
    "from: agathap..... fab and chic set from a lovely polyfriend!!" — @buttercup08
  • Home For Christmas
    "from: prettichica..... super cute, super cozy, super sweet set from a fab polyfriend!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Merry Christmas for all my wonderful Polyvore-friends
    "from: fantasiegirl..... super sweet holiday set from a sweet polyfriend!" — @buttercup08
  • happy Holydays 2
    "from: just-lala..... pretty pink holiday set from a talented polyfriend!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!!
    "from: debbi3, mellow30, fashionme..... beautiful, stunning, classy, fabulous, gorgeous gift set from from these remarkable Ladies!!!!!!!!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy Holidays - for my friends
    "from: manicurelover.....gorgeous set, beautiful dress from a wonderful polyfriend!" — @buttercup08
  • For my sweetie ♥
    "from: littlediva....... an absolutely ADORABLE gift set from a sweet polyfriend!!" — @buttercup08
  • In the Jungle...
    "from: mathsgirl..... such a pretty and natural set, very nice!!!" — @buttercup08
  • White Christmas By ƎG°
    "from: eleonoragocevska.... very festive and sweet holiday gift set!" — @buttercup08
  • Merry Christmas 2
    "from: alicja2204..... festive and fun!! such a cute set from a wonderful polyfriend!" — @buttercup08
  • Merry Christmas Sweeties:))
    "from: fashion-mariquita-camy..... festive and fun!!! very cool background photo! a great holiday gift from a great polyfriend!!" — @buttercup08
  • Valentin-oH-Ho-Ho!
    "from: prilsplace..... classy and fabulous gift set!!" — @buttercup08
  • Feeling the Christmas Spirit
    "from: mrsbeamer....... a beautiful surprise from such a kind-hearted polyfriend!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Merry Christmas
    "from: lidia-solymosi..... a wonderful holiday gift set filled with beautiful colors!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Check This
    "from: heidijoe..... awesome black and white fabulousness from a fab polyfriend!" — @buttercup08
  • Merry Christmas ~♥~
    "from: heavenlyangel161..... a cozy and festive surprise from a wonderful Polyfriend!!" — @buttercup08
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    "from: agriculturist..... a wonderful holiday gift set!!!" — @buttercup08
  • The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Serena
    "from: thegossiplook..... wow, a gossip girl set!! Love the color mix and beautiful dress!" — @buttercup08
  • The Art of Gifting with SWATCH
    "from: divadeluxor...... smoking hot gift set featuring Cassie!! I love it!" — @buttercup08
  • Hello Italy !
    "from: rainie-minnie..... a stunning gift set from such a sweet Polyfriend!! And such cool background pics!" — @buttercup08
  • Doing it for Herself...
    "from: t-fab...... perfection." — @buttercup08
  • The Art of Gifting with GUCCI
    "from: mathew..... what an awesome surprise from a great Polyfriend!!! Pretty cardigan, fierce heels and bag!!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy Holiday Poly-Friends (3)
    "from: mrsbeamer..... stunning set from a wonderful Polyfriend!" — @buttercup08
  • When In Doubt Wear Red - MERRY CHRISTMAS
    "from: brittneybell..... a wonderful Holiday surprise!!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Untitled #620
    "from: littlelaura..... a beautiful and festive holiday set! How sweet!!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Stunner!
    "from: mariloo...... yes, a stunner!!!!" — @buttercup08
  • for my dear friends!!!!!!
    "from: jenuarik..... what a pretty and lovely surprise from a great Polyfriend!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Thank You So Much!!!
    "from: modestyfashions..... a stunning thank you set!" — @buttercup08
  • I love Fur
    "from: yapona..... a stunning surprise gift from a wonderful Polyfriend!" — @buttercup08
  • FOR YOU!
    "from: prilsplace..... super chic outfit from a fab friend!" — @buttercup08
  • Anything Is Possible
    "from: prettichica.... perfect gift from a fab friend! great outfit for a warm summer's day!!" — @buttercup08
  • She Is...
    "from: prilsplace..... fabulous indeed!!!! love it!" — @buttercup08
  • Untitled #554
    "from: mrekulli..... great set and great style!!" — @buttercup08
  • Fly
    "from: wear-it.... a fab surprise from a great Polyfriend, such grown up styling!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Thank You! #2
    "from: IStyle... fab, fab, fab!! love everything: the dress, colors, accessories, background photo and text!" — @buttercup08
  • Thank You!: 1 of 6
    "from BullyGrrl..... a lovely set from a well-loved Polyfriend!!! **sips melon mellini**" — @buttercup08
  • Buttercup
    "from: MariloO..... this is too cute!! Buttercup looks so fussy, as if she's been told to clean up all that mess. What a great surprise set from my Polyfriend!!" — @buttercup08
  • Paradise
    "from: aprillha..... perfect music, perfect photos, perfectly fab vacay outfit! An ultra chic set from a fab friend!" — @buttercup08
  • Spring Thank You for buttercup08
    "from: aclairegirl..... LOVE this! So girly and sweet! And it fits a "bee-themed" outfit I've been planning for this spring/summer! Cool!!" — @buttercup08
  • inspired
    "from: mathew's..... such a sweet surprise!" — @buttercup08
  • Untitled
    "from: agriculturist..... so sweet, such soft colors and design. A lovely gift from a talented Polyfriend!!" — @buttercup08
  • Paris Anniversary
    "from: Fashionaholic <3 (NPBoiwu)..... what a classy, Parisian-chic set! great colors, great outfit, great soundtrack! Awesomeness from a wonderful poly-friend!" — @buttercup08
  • Get Dressed
    "from: aprillha..... super sexy set from a fabulous friend!! inspired by none other than Jay Z! coolness!" — @buttercup08
  • For buttercup08
    "from: Victoria1961..... what a sweet and lovely surprise!!! so much pretty girl swagg!" — @buttercup08
  • Thank You (1)
    "from: aclairegirl..... a cool set from a cool friend celebrating her 1st year on Polyvore!" — @buttercup08
  • Riding in a Pink Caddy
    "from: wear it..... How cute is this!! And that coat, wow! Love it! Such a sweet set from a sweet friend!" — @buttercup08
  • Thanks, buttercup08!
    "from: aprillha..... Such a sweet and feminine set, a lovely surprise! It has so many things I love - salmon pink color, calla lilly flowes, great shoes, chic bag. I love it! And a great soundtrack too!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy Valentine's Day
    "from: Kisses4u.... a sweet treat from a sweet friend!" — @buttercup08
  • Thanks ;))
    "from: fashion_mariquita..... this is a unique and lovely idea! A beautiful set using items from her gift sets! Fabulous!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy birthday buttercup08!!! &lt;3
    "from: jenuarik..... a sweet and lovely b-day gift set from a sweet Polyfriend!!!" — @buttercup08
  • i'm a Warhol already ~ For buttercup08
    "from: vBARBIEv..... squealing with delight!!! I LOVE it!!! Hot title by my fave rapper, sexy dress, stilettos and clutch. The pic makes such a statement. Hot soundtrack too! An ultra fabulous b-day gift from my ultra fabulous Friend!!!!!!!!!" — @buttercup08
  • For Jan Girls [2]
    "from: ♥GarlicVo♥..... what a creative and delightful b-day gift set!! A pretty surprise from a talented Polyfriend!!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy Birthday buttercup08!!
    "from: BellDraw..... how cute is this!! A Buttercup themed set! I love it! A great b-day gift featuring my fave - Buttercup!" — @buttercup08
  • for our dear little buttercup :)
    "from: skyzovbleu..... a super cool b-day gift set from a super cool friend. Loving the cool colors, fab green shoes, jewelry and oh-so-fitting soundtrack from my fave rapper!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy Birthday buttercup08
    "from: shoptillyadrop..... one word for this b-day gift set from the magnificent Judy: Flawless." — @buttercup08
  • Lady Fair
    "from: RegallyBlonde..... love this classy style and neutral theme. FABulous bag, great outfit, and the hot booties give it all a little pizzaz! An awesome b-day gift set from an awesome friend!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy Birthday Buttercup08!
    "from: Mellow30..... hot, hot, hot! Loving this sexy, cool bday set from a fab Polyfriend with a great sense of style! Time to get my 'pretty girl rock' on!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Wishing.u.Happiness!
    "from: wear it..... a very cool outfit from a very cool Polyfriend! Love this fab mix of items and colors! And the message is perfect - Happiness!!! Great and inspiring b-day gift set!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Build Me Up Buttercup!
    "from: Fashionaholic <3 (NPBoiwu)..... wow, two b-day sets! Fits my style perfectly again, great color combo and jewelry. Lovely pic of Sanaa, she's such a classy beauty! Wishing on a falling star from a fabulous Polyfriend!!" — @buttercup08
  • Adventurous Buttercup
    "from: Fashionaholic <3 (NPBoiwu)..... perfect styling for me, she nailed it! I love the adventure theme, that's me! Beautiful pic of Thandie too! A great bday gift set from a great friend!" — @buttercup08
  • A Ray of Sunshine
    "from: N. Evelyn..... so pretty, and happy, and fun! Love the vibrant colors, they are so cheerful! Great layout, yummy cake, cherries, and cupcakes! A wonderful b-day gift set from a Polyfriend that knows how to brighten my day!!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Pretty Girl Rock
    "from: IStyle..... a beautiful golden b-day gift set from a lovely Polyfriend! Gorgeous goddess-like dress, pretty sandals, fab jewelry and clutch, and a LV cake! Love it!" — @buttercup08
  • For Buttercup08
    "from: debbi3..... this is such a beautiful b-day gift set! I cannot get over this Wood tote bag - how unique and fabulous is that! Fierce styling, gorgeous model pic, warm brown tones. I love it!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy Birthday-buttercup08 (b-day Jan 18)
    "from: prettichica..... Gorgeous b-day dinner party set! Love Zoe's style, that's a great pic. Fabulous dress and shoes, and stylish coat! A lovely gift from a lovely friend!" — @buttercup08
  • For Buttercup08
    "from: fashionme!..... hot, hot, hot! I love the colors, the coat and boots are fabulous, and I'd wear these diva-style shades immediately! Great style, great pic, great song - all from a marvelous Poly-friend! I'd wear this on my birthday to celebrate!" — @buttercup08
  • For buttercup08 and chocoholic92 : Happy Birthday Sweeties
    "from: fashion_mariquita..... a lovely b-day gift set. Wonderful, natural earth colors. Cute outfit. Yummy chocolate cake!!" — @buttercup08
  • For January Girls
    "from: ★lala★..... such a cute and happy set! Love the fun colors, hot pink pumps, and yummy cupcake!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy Birthday Buttercup08
    "from: Doozer..... how happy and pretty and perfect is this!!! The colors put an instant smile on your face! Love the feminine yet flirty flair of this outfit!! A wonderfult b-day gift! (and the song is the cutest!)" — @buttercup08
  • stay you
    "from: alicja2204..... how cute is this!! Love the kitten theme and kitten dress!!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Look @ Me Now *For Buttercup08*
    "from: Kisses4u..... This is so cute and fun! Love the extra cool outfit, layout, pics, yummy cupcakes and skates!! Brings back memories from the skating rink I went to as a kid! A wonderful gift from a treasured Polyfriend!!!" — @buttercup08
  • I Like... Buttercup08
    "from: BullyGrrl..... wow! This is so cool. I love the colors, the pics, the sassy skirt, shoes with the hottest heel, pretty bow top, fab bag, jewelry, makeup - everything!!! This is a fabulous b-day gift set from a fabulous friend!" — @buttercup08
  • for buttercup!
    "from: jenuarik..... what a lovely surprise! Cool necklace and chair, pretty dress and flowers!!" — @buttercup08
  • happy new year ♥
    "from: colormeamazing..... great New Year's set! Inspired by her kindness (and the time it took) to mention so many talented lovelies on Polyvore!!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy New Year to All!
    "from: Doozer..... oh wow! So festive, so bright, so pretty, so fun!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Tidal Waves of Joy
    "from: BullyGrrl..... her warmth and joy are reflected in this perfect Holiday getaway set. I'd wear this on vacation, one of my cruises in particular. Ahhh, dreaming of sandy beaches and blue waters!" — @buttercup08
  • Golden Reflections
    "from: RegallyBlonde..... oh wow! This fits my style perfectly. I love this cool dress, sexy stilettos, cute clutch. Fabulous set and gift, LOVE it!!!" — @buttercup08
  • All spruced up
    "from: Helleka..... such a beautiful set!! Filled with exquisite items, the shoes are gorgeous, and I thought the clutch purse was an ornament, LOL! Lovely set and gift!!" — @buttercup08
  • Happy Holidays! Ornament For buttercup08
    "from: vBARBIEv..... this is so perfect for me. I LOVE nature. This looks so calm and peaceful. I appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness of this set!!!" — @buttercup08
  • Lady in Red
    "from: ~mancina~..... fabulous gift! This would be a dazzling holiday party outfit. Love it!" — @buttercup08
  • Untitled
    "from: Determined Reputation..... a wonderful Christmas gift filled with gorgeous items in a lovely color mix!!!" — @buttercup08
  • For buttercup08...
    "from: T-Fab..... a lovely holiday gift! Such a unique dress, fab pumps and clutch, love the bangle bracelets. The coat is soooo fabulous!!" — @buttercup08
  • Merry Christmas Polyvore!
    "from: fashionme..... this set is so festive and fun! Cute party dress and hot shoes! The model looks like she's having a Great time!" — @buttercup08
  • Classic Style for buttercup08....
    "from: IStyle....what a lovely gift! And the theme - for a sorority conference, love it!! Cute dress, comfy yet stylish shoes for walking, fab bag and accessories! This fits me perfectly!" — @buttercup08
  • To widely flung, T-Fab, buttercup08, and dchic
    "from: vBARBIEv.....love the unique pieces in this set, featuring the fabulous Zoe Saldana" — @buttercup08
  • Tanya D ♥♥♥
    "from: ♥GarlicVo♥..... such a fun, free-spirited vibe and a lovely gift from a new friend!" — @buttercup08
  • For Terrelyn Thomas(busy with school), and Buttercup08
    "from: IStyle.....classy tweed dress; great wine colored coat; fun shoes; and LOVE the model's curly hair like mine! Great set and nice color combo." — @buttercup08
  • FOR buttercup08
    "from: fashionme!.... fab dress, shoes & bag; lovely pearls; and the model's hair is curly like mine! Such a classy set." — @buttercup08
  • Fashion Generation - For buttercup08
    "from: shoptillyadrop.... always impeccable style" — @buttercup08

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