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Looking at pics of Colton now just makes me sad *pouts* This is set directly after my last story so you might need to read that one

Grace Milton; October 15 Part 2
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“Gabriel?” I asked hesitantly, shutting the door behind me. Out of everyone I had expected to be the attractive stranger in my bedroom, my brother’s boyfriend had been at the bottom of the list. The very bottom of my list. Like below my dad (because as I’d apparently been told my dad was attractive. There are not words for how weird that is)

He looked up at me and well I hadn’t thought I could be more surprised than I was but the old tear tracks staining his face proved me wrong.

“Gabriel?” I repeated gently, hurrying forward to sit next to him on the bed, “What’s going on?” my first thought was that something had happened to Joe but that couldn’t be right, someone would have called me. Gabriel would have called me before driving all the way out to Rhode Island.

“Sorry Grace,” he said, barely even meeting my eye, “I didn’t mean to panic you I just..” He stopped, whether searching for words or to collect himself I don’t really know, “I needed to get away.”

“Why’d you come here though?” I was infinitely curious. I mean I was sure his family where all in Boston and we weren’t that close. Still it really wasn’t the right thing to say.

“I’m sorry.” He said standing up stiffly, “I shouldn’t have come here, I don’t want to intrude.”

“Sit down silly,” I grabbed his wrist and gently pulled until he so kindly obliged, “You’re more than welcome to be here. I just thought you might have some family closer to Boston than Brown is.”

“I do,” He laughed humourlessly, sitting stiffly but hey at least he was sitting, “But not everyone’s family is as accepting of my life choices as your brothers is.”

“Oh,” I said softly. I mean I knew Joe and Gabriel were together but I’d always thought Gabriel’s family accepted him as much as we accepted Joe. Gabriel was always talking about his family and things that happened in his childhood. Though actually thinking about it he didn’t really talk about them much in the present tense. “Well you’re more than welcome to hang round here.”

“Thanks,” He said quietly, relaxing slightly.

“Though you know I’m sure you’re aware it is a house of rabid girls.” I tried to lighten the mood. He smiled but barely.

“I think I might survive.”

“They might not,” I muttered dryly, before shifting so my head was tentatively resting on his shoulder. He didn’t push me off which was a start, “So anything in particular you’re trying to get away from.”

“Yes.” He didn’t elaborate 

“Want to talk about it?” I asked. I wanted to be able to help him like I did the girls but the frustrating thing was I didn’t know him well enough to know how the help. It was like stumbling along in the dark and hoping you didn’t trip over something.

“More than you know.” He sounded wistful, “But I’m already burdening you enough.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I’d rather not.” And fair enough, I respected that decision.

“How did you even find this place?” I said, hoping maybe taking his mind off things would work. Hopefully it couldn’t hurt.

“I’ve been here before. With Joe remember.” He pointed out with a chuckle. I mean it might well have been the most pathetic chuckle I’d ever heard but it was something.

“I know that silly,” I nudged him slightly with my elbow, “But I defiantly remember you didn’t come to the house. The gossip hungry girls downstairs would have defiantly remembered you.”

“I asked for directions.” He said. Which okay was fairly obvious.

“How long are you staying?” I asked changing the subject again, though this time complete for my own benefit.

“I don’t know.” He got quiet again. Oops wrong move there Grace.

“Well you’re more than welcome to stay here tonight.” I said, before pausing and rethinking over the statement, “I mean if you want to or…”

“I would. Thank you Grace.” He smiled down at my indulgently. 

“Though you know, like I said. Crazy girls.”

“They can’t be that crazy if you live with them.” He pointed out. Logic. How sexy.

“I dunno maybe they’re the only ones crazy enough to put up with my crazy.” I pulled away to grin at him, idea forming in my head, “I know what we’re going to do.”

“What?” He asked me warily. He still seemed kinda flat, but a million times less flat. I was just a natural at this.

“We’re going out.” I smiled, jumping off the bed and walking to my closet, “So let me get changed and then I’m going to take you out to a club.”

“On a monday night?” He asked skeptically, “And aren’t you only 20.”

“Oh please, like you’ve never used a fake ID.” I laughed, pulling some random items of clothing out of my wardrobe that were clubish enough, “And yes. On a Monday night. Don’t pretend like you don’t want to.”

“Well…” he said thoughtfully, “I’ll go with you if you if you agree to let me take you to dinner first.”

Now it was my turn to pretend to consider it, “Well…” I repeated his words, “You drive a hard bargain but I guess I can deal with that.” I smirked.

“Good.” He said, as I turned away from him to get changed. I wasn’t going to send him downstairs amongst the others in this state and it wasn’t like he cared about my boobies or anything.

Unfortunately though that was the moment Aria decide to actually come and check on me.

“Hey Grace, are you alive in there?” She asked mockingly, pushing the door open without knocking. Of course she took one look at me shirtless, and Gabriel lounging on the bed and her eyes grew wide, slamming the door shut.

“Defiantly not a serial killer than Grace.” She called laughingly through the door, “You kinky girl.”

“It’s not what you think it is.” I yelled back, frantically trying to pull the corset on so i could run after her or something.

“Sure it’s not.” She 100% did not believe me, “You kids stay safe.” She said before footsteps indicated she was leaving. So she walked heavily leaving but not arriving. Thanks for the warning Aria.

“Oh my god.” I muttered, sitting on the bed once I had my bustier and jacket on.

“I see what you mean about crazy.” Gabriel was barely containing his laughter.

“Oh shut up you.” I said as I got up from the bed to shimmy into my skirt, “Or I’ll make you sleep on the couch in the living room tonight.”

“You mean?” He gasped in mock horror.

“Yep,” I nodded, popping the p, “Meaning I would be leaving you at the mercy of the rabid girls.”

“Please no?” Suddenly he was on his knees, with a pout, “I’m begging. Anything like that.”

“Well I said,” tapping my chin and pretending to think, “Buy my drinks and I’ll let you stay up here.”

“Done.” He nodded, jumping up to his feet before wandering into my wardrobe as I grabbed a couple of rings and a necklace, “But only if you wear these shoes.” He handed me a pair.

“You just don’t want me to be taller than you.” I narrowed my eyes at him, though putting the shoes on because they were cute.

“Maybe,” He shrugged with a cheeky grin, “But I’m buying your drinks so be nice!”
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this set is gorgeous and this story was cute!

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Love it! Colourful outfit!!!XXXX

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amazing pics & outfit

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Loved! Very much so.



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