TUESDAY OCTOBER 19; We're all headed out to go on the water today! Grab some jet skis, head out on the boat, swim or whatever you'd like. 
I paced around the little cage, erm I mean house..that I rented with Gavin. 
No, Gavin wasn't here. Haven't seen him since the night he broke up with me.

"what is he doing? Is he with someone already? Will we get back together?"
Things to that nature ran across my fragile mind.
I drowned them down with a shot.
My mouth going dry, my thoughts going numb.

I left the room and started towards the beach.
"Walls have ears, ya'know" I heard that annoying voice say.
Footprints in the sand coming closer.
"oh, it's Roy...what a blast this will be" I laughed to myself.

"what do you mean?" I asked about the walls have ears...thing.
"heard you crying all night.." He pointed to the house next to mine. "that's my house".

great, not only am I talking to a guy I dislike, he heard me crying.

"was gonna come over but figured you'd be ok..." he shrugged.
"so do I get that date now?" he said.
"what?" I heard myself say.

I need another drink, my mind told me.
"well you and Gavin...."
"Gavin and I......"
I couldn't finish the words.

are over?
but are we really?

"I have to go, now" I said without finishing that dreadful sentence.
"what you going to do, Easton?" he asked while I was walking away.
"swim.fly.die" I said.
He rushed up to me and grabbed my arm.
"Don't ever touch me" I sort of screamed at him- pushing him away.
"I'm going swimming- leave me alone" I then muttered.

"I'll leave you alone but I'll be watching" he stated calmly, enough.
That sent chills down my spine.

I went swimming and Roy took to his word.

p.s. who wants to hangout?
(NO drinking would be good! lol)

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