Name: Hathor Malfoy-Kassim
Nicknames: Mostly goes by Hath

Blood Status: Pureblood
Parents Name/House: Emmalie Malfoy [Slytherin] & Amun Kassim [Egyptian Wizard]

Wand: 12 inches with a lotus and dragon heartstring core

Pet: Persian Cat
Age: 17
Birthday: September 27
House: Slytherin
Height: 5´5
Weight: 135
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Pale
Distinguishing marks: small tattoos spread all over her body

Personality: sweet with those who she knows and cares for but a sneaky bi.tch to those who deserve it

Patronus: Bull
Boggart: Spiders
History: After her mother moved to Cairo when she was 3, her mom finally moving to where Hathy´s dad was, going away from the Malfoy manor, she grew up between magic legendary creatures, dragons and ancient pharaons, her childhood is what every young witch or wizard could die for, and yet when she turned 11 she was sent to London, to her grandparents house, a huge and cold mansion in the middle of a London old neighborhood. The minute she walked into Hogwarts after receiving her wand, a gift from her gypsy grandmother, She felt home, after a few months in the cold house. She loves Hogwarts but she still is a Slytherin and with her comes all the sarcastic ways and blood purity manners she was raised in, her father´s familly and old branch of pharaon sons and daughters, were almost as keen on purity than the malfoys could ever dream off. Emmalie fit perfectly, and she raised Hathor the way she should as a proud witch. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and she cant help to feel her discomfort at some of the ways people adress to her.

“mommy why im i named after a cow?” i asked her. Looking up she was so beautifull with her long curtain like hair.
“ You are named after a goddes Hathy not after a cow, the goddes of love and joy for the people of Egypt, its a very big honor to have her name baby” she smiled and kneled dow to kiss my nose. I hid in the crook of her neck and smelled her lavender scent. 
I was awoken by the house elf with a slight push in the arm, i oppened my eyes and sighed when i remembered my mom, i understood her, and what she´s doing, but i still miss her a lot, i dont care how far away she is, she is always in my mind.
MY grandfather Draco is always cranky but its a funny old fucker when he is on his right mind. On his Saturn days as i call them, he spends all day dueling with Harry Potter in his mind.
“Its time to take the train Miss Hathor, i would suggest you start getting ready” he said and bowed out of the room, I quickly changed clothes not bothering to shower or do somehing with the mess of blonde curls falling over the baby faced girl under them
“fucking hair” i mutteres under my breath i loved being in Egypt where you could just run around in a pony tail not bothering for appereances.
I exited the room ti find a goodbye note and some cash in the foyer i think even the houself felt pitty on me.
I took the money and fumbled a restrained thanks under my breath, i took my bags and sent the others with Yenah the elf. I stepped out and hailed for a cab, getting there in the muggle way always upsets the gradparents i thought to myself as i exited the cab and held my laughter after the gasps of the Zabinni familly that was dropping off their kids.
I walked confidently through thr patform to the train and sat on my usual compartment near the exit, not waiting for anyone, i barely spoke to some of the girls and i only flirted around to have some fun around time to time, i did not needed anyone. I managed on my own, always have, and i think always will, i sighed and shook my head, stupid thoughts always getting in my head messing around,
I need to foucs, need to get away from here- i thought to myself as the train started moving.
I was finally going to the place where i felt slightly better, cause i got to do what i love the most. Magic.
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Wrote 5 years ago
aw missed you too

Wrote 5 years ago
why thanks mik! i've missed youuu

Wrote 5 years ago
love this set

Wrote 5 years ago
This set is spectacular! Love the story too!




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