Name: Sybil Lancaster
Age: 20
Quote or lyric to describe you character: “I wanna breeze and an open mind.I wanna swim in the ocean.Wanna take my time for me, all for me”
Likes: getting what she wants, bags ,perfume ,jewelry, coffee, her friends, her adopted family 
Dislikes: chocolate(she’s allergic), zucchini, , her biological parents, rejection
Style: girly with edge 
Previous occupation:she was a waitress at her adopted mothers diner
Education (if relevant): studying fashion with an interest in writing
Bio: Sybil was adopted by the Lancaster’s when she was three, before then she was bounced around from foster care to foster care, thank God she doesn’t remember it. She has always loved fashion and wants to one day become the next big thing, but recently thanks to a creative writing class has become infatuated with writing. Nobody knows of this though she keeps her stories hidden.
Model: Shay Mitchell


“The girl always knew what she would become and dreaded that faithful day when her nightmares would turn into a dark reality”

I read over the story a few times and smiled at my computer screen. Writing gave me such a sense of accomplishment. I saved my work then went down stairs where my friend Tiffany was waiting for me. 
“So hip” Tiffany whistled from the lobby of my apartment building.
I laughed and pretended to curtsy for her
We were headed shopping as usual but my mind stayed with my story the entire time. 

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