Niall lead me down the red carpet holding my right hand, our fingers intertwined. Neither of us had ever been to the Grammys. I kept a hug genuine grin on my face the whole time, smiling even bigger every time I got compliments on my pink hair. We were nearing the end of the carpet when we were stopped by Giuliana Rancic. I had an internal fangirl moment, because I absolutely worship her.
 "Niall, Sydney, how are you guys doing?" Giuliana asked us. 
 "We're doing great, loving tour." Niall was always the first person to speak up.
 "Awesome. Sydney, what's it like working with the X Factor contestants?" Giuliana asked me. I couldn't believe I was talking to her.
 "It's amazing, all of the acts are great people to work with." I replied. How was I sane right now?
 "And who's your favorite act to work with?" 
 "I'd have to say Fifth Harmony. They're an amazing group of girls and they're pretty talented dancers. CeCe Frey was also a fun one." I answered her while staring at her hair. How did she get it so perfect?
 "And can I say, I love your hair tonight! The pink is so cute." Giuliana complimented me and I felt like I could die happy. 
 "Thank you so much, my stylists did it." I told her.
 "So Niall, what's it like living with your girlfriend?" Giuliana asked Niall.
 "We have so much fun, and it's nice to know that I can see her whenever I want to yeah." Niall replied with his crooked grin.
 "It must be. Well thank you guys so much for talking to us, hope your night is amazing." Giuliana smiled and we gave each other a hug. Niall and I locked hands again and made our way into the arena.
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