Have you guys been to Sydney? And whats your fave item in this set? :) xx

@jadeythirlz Hi babe :) I love your set there so cute and good :) I also love your wattpad story you’re an amzing writer :) Love ya :) xx
@bethany-roysdon Hii :) You’r so pretty and you totally deserve more followers! :) Thanks for following me love ya :) xx
@niallscrazymofo-480 “Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the group it ain’t hard to tell, you don’t know, oh, oh, you don’t know you’re beautiful” –What Makes You Beautiful One Direction :) Don’t ever forget that you are beautiful :) xx
@jadescheekbones Heyy Ashley :) We don’t talk much so we should change that but otherwise we can be directioners, mixers, and arianators together :) Love you :) xx 
@annaboo1321 Hi Anna :) I’m one of your official sugarplums :) And you my sweetiepie :) Haha we should talk more and thank you for following and wanting a special because you are special :) xx
@estefani143 Hi :) We don’t talk much but we should :) You could be my 
Cute Cupcake :) We should also kik some time since I know who have one :) xx
@salma-sanaa Hey girls :) I’ve known you girls for a while here on polyvore and you girls have amazing sets and you guys are extremely sweet too :) You girls are my Munchkins :) xx Love you guys :) xx
@ kkpeacerox Hii :) I don’t really know you @/salma-sanaa showed me your account and you have really good sets :) I think we would get along well so we shoul talk :) xx Love ya :) xx
@samluvs1dforever Hey Samin :) I love your account you have so very spectacularly amazing sets haha :) We could be swifties together like the swiftie twins hehe :P Thank you for following and liking my sets :P Love You :) xx
@purplegummybear Hi :) Now I don’t know you that well but you wanted a special so here is yours we should start talking I would love to get to know you better :) You could be my Jellybean hehe :P xx Love you :) xx
 @tamiratillman Hi Tamira :) We don’t talk but I would love to talk to you since You like One Direction, little Mix , 5sos and even Austin Mahone so yeah :) And since the first thing you ever wrote to me which was on my taglist was Happy New Year I want you to have the most spectacular perfect year of your life :) xx Your Perfect :) xx
 @emmalovesclothes20 Hey Emma :P I adore your sets you have great style and inspiration I love Eleanor Calder :) We should totally talk and I would already have a nickname for you :) You Would be Precious Pop Tart or something Like my Sugar Snowflake hehe :) Love Ya :) And btw I love your cheesy username :) xx 
@missbritain1259 Hey gurl :) I love your account way too much I mean your sets are just perf :) Also I love the stories you have on Wattpad and I cant wait till you start writing Getting Over Michael Clifford in the spring!! Love Ya and thanks for following me :) p.s. you’re my yummy skittles from now on :P xx
@frosario Hey Janelle :) We don’t talk much so I don’t have much to say other than we should talk haha also my favorite color is purple too :P And I also followed your cousins :) Thank you for following and putting up with my weird account love ya :) x
@carlasmiley Omg I don’t even know where to start with your special tag!! I mean I have so much to say so Ill just get started then :P I cant even describe how much I love you, your so perfect and defiantly the most special :) You comment and like all my sets every time I post and you have no idea how much that means to me and that you’ve stayed with me through everything :) Your so sweet and nice and I love talking to you :) When I see your comment or messages I always smile you are my bestest poly friend and I really hope to keep talking to you :) We don’t have nicknames so here’s my one for you your going to be my sugar tart hehe :) Again thank you for being here for me and I know this was really long but ohh well haha and also were both from Spain so that just another bonus :) Love You :) xx
@lilah17 Hey Lilah :) You sets are just amazeballs I love them because your inspiration is Perrie Edwards and I love her :) So inspire some of my Little Mix sets so thank you :) “Don’t Worry Be Hippie” :) Love Ya :) xx
@rubyisnotonfire Hii Ruby :) Im your cria and you’re my Louis Girl :P I followed all you friends in your bio hehe :) We should talk more you seem fun!! Love Ya :P xx 
@wardrobe-creativity Hey Babe :) I love your outfits and you totally deserve more followers so maybe I could help you there :) Message me so we can talk more we could talk about anything :P Thank you for following me and wanting to see my upcoming creations :) xx 
@teresastyles Hi Teresa :) We don’t really talk so I have nothing to say but I just had to still give you the special tag since your special I’m mean everyone’s special especially unicorns :P But yeah thanks for liking my sets and I hope you will love my upcoming sets and keep making your amazing sets :) xx
@lexithefashiongurl Hey Hey :) Omg your sets are just gorgeous I love your style keep it up nothing else to say so yeah thanks for following and wanting a special :) x
@chloehulett Hey :) I don’t really have much to say since I don’t know you :P But I would love to get to know you better :P We could talk sometime maybe? Anyways I love your sets your doing great and thanks for following :P Love Ya :) xx
@nicole-inte-sa-qvick Hi :) Ok well I don’t really know who but here it goes :P I llove your sets so of them are absolutely amazing like seriously keep making great sets and stay beautiful :) xx
@forever21-xo Hey :) So well were both Liam Girls so we can be buddies hehe :P If you don’t mind obviously haha and your icons are so good I love them and there cute so yup :) Love Ya :) xx
@milliemoo2001 Hi there babe :) On your profile it says you’re a unicorn want to be unicorn buddies? Haha thanks for following my weird account and liking my not that good sets :P Love Ya
@bunny-gums Hi :) I love your profile pic its so cute I love Starbucks haha :P and you totally deserve more followers your sets are good I mean everyone can improve so can I but I think you totes deserve more than you have :) Love you :) xx
@chloejanewinter Where mixer buddies yay!! Cant wait for you to put um a video of you singing on YouTube I bet your amazing :) Thank you for following and liking my sets Love Ya :) xx
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