"Trick or Treat' said the kid in the yoda costume.

I smiled and gave her a few peices of candy. It had always been my job to pass out candy. I never dressed up I just did this. When I was a kid my parents never allowed me to go trick or treating. It wasnt to do with religious reasons just that my parents didnt trust people. .

After the candy had been given out I was going to head to bed like I did on every halloween but there came a knock on my door.

I went to see who it was and to my surprise it weas Rich from the bar. We had been spending time together but I never expected him at my house.

"Hi you look lovely tonight" he said in a vampire costume.

I blushed and opened the door my parents as usual not being home."What are you doing here?" I asked confusion laced in my voice.

Rich smiled and it istantly calmed me, that being his power. The power to calm people."I was nowhere near the neighborhood and thought Id see how you were tonight"

I laughed and smiled"I just finished passing out candy and I was headed to bed"

He frowned" No, thats no way to treat a holiday"

He sat down on the couch and I followed him. I had never had a boy over before, and trhis was new to me.

We talked about the day and about the league and then before I knew it Rich leaned into kiss me. I didnt pull away.

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