EVENT: "(No specific date. It depends when your character joined the group) – This is your first contact with the group - the day you meet the originals (or some of them) in the Outcast, your initial agreement with Maddox, your first visit to the bar. This is the day you have your first impressions."

It was last year when I met him and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

I had a long few days with the trail and was very tired. Ofcourse my father got me off like he said he would but I didnt feel any better about it. I didnt understand how a government could do this. Why couldnt I be free to help people? 
I told Frank the chauffer to let me out at a bar. I needed a drink or four. As I walked inside I felt all the eyes on me. I didnt know if it was they reconized me from the trail or if it was my dress that made them stare.
I didnt care either way
I ordered my drink and sat at the bar keeping to myself wolling in self misery when I saw a man walk in. He took all the attention off of me at least.
After a few drinks I was beginning to feel ..well I guess you could say I was drunk. I had never been drunk or ever have since. The room was turning blurred as I felt a little dizzy
I still didnt care. I ordered yet another drink when the man that came in earlier stopped the bartender
"She's had enough" he said firmly
The bartender nodded and left. I turned around and was about to say something when I had to run to the bathroom to throw up.
The man was waiting for me when I came out
"Your the girl from the trail arent you?"
"So.. " I said still pretty waisted 
"I know you just want to help. I can help you do that" he said firmly

And, thats how it all began.

Im Samatha Sykes but please call me Sykes. Id like to get to know you all.

Introduce yourselves .

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