hey guys,

so i finally thought of what to do for my challenge! here are the rules and details:


- make all 4 sets in the order i gave them to you and include the criteria i gave you for each of them.
- you can't combine days. you must have 4 sets in total.
- once you are done with all 4 sets, make a collection with all of the sets and name it "symone's 40k 4 day set challenge".
- tag me in the collection and all of the sets.
- put the hashtag #symones40kchallenge in the description of all of your 4 sets and in the description of the collection.
- fill out the form below once you have completed this challenge.
- both simple and magazine sets are allowed.
- be creative.

SET 1: make a set inspired by one of my sets
SET 2: make a set that represents you (like use pictures/items of things you like) and explain how it represents you
SET 3: make a set that includes 2 pictures/items of 2 things you own (for example an iphone and nikes if you actually have them)
SET 4: make a set that includes at least 4 different colors

link to collection:
tag 5+ people:

- a collab
- an inspired set
- a hacked set
- a playlist based off of your taste in music
- 50 set likes
- a 100 item collection
- your username in my bio for 2 weeks
- a shoutout in 3 of my sets

there will be three winners! 1st place will get 5 prizes, 2nd place will get 3 prizes, and 3rd place will get 2 prizes! the deadline is tuesday, may 17th (in 4 weeks). feel free to ask me any questions that you might have. i hope people will do this haha :-)

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