I'm thinking over and over again before writing about this,i casually always share my not so special days but anything simple and this time is difference kinda serious.

I feel like when you guys read this story some will saying "It's okay,that also happened to me too","you will be alright" or saying some cheering words to me.

Last week ago exactly it was a week of Chinese New Year festival a murde.red case happened at my condo on same floor to where i living but opposite section,far away from my room 7 rooms.
it was on same day when i told you guys i went to shopping and had a good time.
i back to my room and casually did my routine,i dont even know that sth like that happened,i even walking so near that room to find out what a strong scent here,sooner knew sth terrible happened i almost lose my breathe seriously since i'm grow up this is first time ever to facing sth like this so near me.

I will not go into full detail about that case just knowing that it's cru.el way to that dea* person,horribl.* and hard to accept.

ofcourse i feel sad,sorry to the loss but effecting to me that i'm being anxious,freak out,panic,depres.sed,cannot sleep even till now.

It's effecting to my living and nextdoors, i dont know how to manage myself to living in my room.
some of you know right ,i'm come to living in SG for work and this room under work's contract.
it starting since first day i saw my next doors move out,some going to stay with friends or back home since almost of them are Singaporean/Chinese that have relative here and me struggle here alone with my cat,cannot move out due to room contract,cannot go to living with my coworkers coz they're guy,my female co workers already got married and living with husband and her kid.
well ... i think you guys can imagine to me right now is it ?

However,police already cupture a murde.rer but to living here is not the same anymore,so many thing have changed,nextdoors leaving this buidling not only whom living on my floor.
i know this is not gonna happen but i wishing for my peaceful place go back to what it used to be.

tbt ,i lose my energy,in last 4 days ago i keep online on polyvore knowing that this site never sleep(esp on my night time) i had open up with some friends.
also the reason to why i write this story coz i'd like to say thank you to you guys.
i did forcing you stay online till i get better despite to the fact that it was late night and you need to sleep but some of you are too nice to comfort me to make me feel better (even though we know that we cannot change the fact i still have to facing to living under such situation).

I have plan to go back to Tokyo in next few days,to clear my mind and resting i dont have a good sleep since that day.
and comeback to focus on my work and yes still living here,i have no choice,maybe i will stay at my office as long as possible but i also cannot leave Harry meow alone,he seems depres.sed too i know it.
if you have so much strength pls sending some for me.everyday to living here i need energy to stay positive.
my feeling toward to this country is not change just dont feel well to living inside this building.

Most of all Thank you polyfriends you're helping alot since that day til now sorry to cannot be a cheerful person like i used to,i need few time to adapting,maybe after back from Tokyo i will get better.. i miss my home so badly.

#personalstyle #minimalism #moschino #CasualChic  #shirtdress #urban #FashionMeetsHomedecor
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Wrote 6 months ago
So sorry to hear this horrible story that you have been going trough sweetie .... i feel so sorry that i have not been much around here for you to help you out ,i had no idea about it , i have been sooooo busy with work an no time to catch up on my polyfriend , i feel so sad for you , i really hope things are going better for you now sweetie , sending you all my love and strength and 1000 kisses , much love to you my dearest Rainie xxxxxxxxxx ! ! ! ❤

Wrote 9 months ago
I feel so sorry when I'm reading about the thing that happened to you! We know that time heels, but we never know the lenght of the time that it takes, because we are individuals and we response differently! My thoughts are with you!

Wrote 9 months ago

Wrote 9 months ago
What a terrible experience for you to go through! Sending cheerful thoughts to you & peace of mind :))



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